Neverwinter Unblogged Heart of Fire Coverage Schedule

You know Neverwinter Unblogged is your #1 source when it comes to previewing new content! With the Heart of Fire it won’t be any different and we are already working on a series of preview articles that we’ll dish out in the coming weeks. During the last two modules we established a coverage schedule so that you guys roughly know what you can expect heading into the release on November 6th! It’s both a challenge (because writing up so many stuff on a weekly basis is indeed tons of work) and a general info hub that readers and writers can always come back to.

The list below is unsorted by the way and might get tweaked down the road depending on what we see on preview. We’ll not go from top to bottom, but release stuff as it gets finished. But overall you can probably expect the class balance articles to be released a little bit later in general, because we want to give the community a couple weeks to really test the stuff. We also fully expect quite a few changes on preview so compiling the info too early might require a serious rework later on. Of course everything eventually leads to our patented Datamining Update and massive Primer on release day! Not sure we can really preview the new events by the way. They will be released mid-module and so solid info might not be available until then.

Article List

It’s only six weeks til launch. So we better geht going! Starting next week, we’ll definitely be releasing two articles on Tuesdays and probably more on Thursdays or Fridays. Stay tuned and enjoy the Heart of Fire on the preview shard! Did we miss anything? What would like to see covered? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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