Summer Festival Event Guide

The Summer Festival is one of the big seasonal events in Neverwinter. On all platforms players can enjoy the sun, water games, and tons of rewards! For all those new to the festivities or those that tend to get lost between shooting water balls, killing trolls and doing Sahha, we have a guide for you! This write-up covers the structure, currencies, and all rewards!

General Structure

Summer Festival SahhaLet’s talk about the general structure of the event first. Players can travel to the Summer Festival Ground using the overworld map. Any activity related to the event takes place there. The map itself is well designed and picturesque and I’m looking forward to visit it each year. In the Festival Round in the middle you have all the quest givers and stores. Three other areas surround it, in which timed contests take place. The contests rotate every 20 minutes and there’s a good description available on the wiki. Although they are technically part of the reward structure, I think they should be seen as fun-first activities. The Sahha field on the top left was added by the devs in 2016. That’s why it comes with its own quest givers. As always a series of introductory quests guides new players through the whole structure and the map. These have to be completed to get into the daily routine.


There are three major currencies you can earn, which all have their own corresponding stores. Some stuff is uncapped, others can only be acquired so often on each character. The three currencies are Favor of Sune, Fireblossom Petal and Sahha Ticket-Balls.

Favor of Sune

To receive favor from the goddess of beauty, you only need to show up every day. Go to Yuna Morradi, High Priestes of Sune, and complete the “Favor of Sune” quest that’s granted each day when entering the zone. There are 21 free Favors to grab. That’s not enough to get all the rewards, so you need to pick your favorite one each year, trade in Bronze Tickets (see below) or buy additions Favors from the ZEN Market or Trade Bar store. All the available Mounts and Companions bind to the character. They can be obtained unbound as very rare rewards from the three contests though.

With the Fungal Flail Snail the event has an epic quality mount for just showing up every day, which is a nice “login reward” for new players.

Fireblossom Petal

Petal is the uncapped currency and grind mechanic in the event. You get some from the daily quests, by exchanging Favors of Sune, contests, or gathering flowers in the Blooming Boughs (bottom right of the map). The Petal Store offers mostly cosmetic stuff and the items that are unbound normally go for pennies on the Auction House (like the Pig). So unfortunately it’s not really worth grinding the currency unless you like the transmutes or buff food. During the Festival Height (usually the last week of the event) all earned Petals are doubled.

Please note that you get close to 2,000 Petals by turning in the daily “Favor of Sune” quest. So simply doing that on some alts (the cosmetic stuff is BtA) might already be enough to get the transmutes you want. The stuff you can get for Fireblossom Petals is not really worth gunning for imho, but you can invest additional time for more rewards here.


The Sahha game is half fun and half part of the progression. To get an idea how it works I really recommend reading our review from 2016. It’s sort of a volleyball/soccer hybrid PVP game that can be tons of fun, but is also limited in certain areas. To get into the action you just need to queue. It should show up under “event queues” once the Festival is live. You can do it solo or assemble a full premade. Unfortunately however the rewards make it hard to compete in and farm the Sahha game. But you need to do one for the introductory quest line.

Sahha Ticket-Balls

Summer Festival BridgeAttached to Sahha is the most lucrative currency, which are Coppers, Silvers and Mithral Tickets. Toons of level 15 or higher can acquire one free Ticket-Ball each day and buy additional ones on the ZEN market. You either get one for the first completed Sahha match or can assemble some materials on the Festival Ground and craft it using the Summer Provisioning Profession. The latter is much faster and the preferred way to just get the daily Ticket-Ball.

Ticket-Balls are a cooperative sharing mechanic like Gifts during the Winter Festival or Jubilee. You’ll share drops and “volleys” among all members of a party. Drops are either petals or the aforementioned Tickets. More volleys unlock better rewards as the tooltip states.

So what you’re probably going to do is trying to find a “volley” group on a daily basis for your Ticket-Ball. Just like at the Winter Event some players will choose to save their Ticket-Balls and run groups for multiple later in the event. You are going to see requests for five, ten and more.

Use Bridges

Guard Booth in the EnclaveTicket-Balls needs to be placed in the potion tray to be released. Once done, a game of “keepy uppy” starts, in which the group has to prevent the ball from touching the ground. The max amount of touches (volleys) the group can generate is 30. Now before you try to strategically align five players in a circle and hunt the Ticket-Ball all day, there’s a much better and more convenient way.

Ticket-Balls get stuck when released under the staircase of the bridges on the event ground. This is confirmed to not be an exploit. So last year players gathered under bridges and released their balls there, because it was the best way to “kick” the Ticket-Ball and get volleys. A second option to get balls stuck are the guard booths in the Protector’s Enclave, but sometimes it takes some effort to communicate going to PE and back within the group.

Solo Volley

There are basically two ways to share the Ticket-Ball, one is more effective, the other faster. Solo Volley is a system where only the player that releases the Ticket-Ball actually kicks it. This way you are guaranteed to get the max 30 volleys out of the Ticket-Ball under the bridge, but it takes longer.

Gang Volley

Gang volley means that one players releases the ball, but the full party spam kicks it. It’s much faster, but one Ticket-Ball will only generate 20-25 volleys this way. Which way you prefer is probably dependent on the amount of alternate character you plan to bring through the event and your time. Normally solo volley was the preferred way to go.


The rewards from the Tickets can be great. Even the Copper Ticket fashion sells for a nice amount, but the market tends to cool off significantly over the course of the event. So unless you like them for your toons you probably want to buy additional Favors of Sune and Sahha Techniques. This might be different depending on your platform, make sure to check prices on the Auction House.

Definitely worth it are the Enchantments and Wards from Silver Tickets. The Summer Festival is the premier source of Double Enchantments like Brutal and can either be used to equip toons, sold for a nice profit, or use as refining points. You can also flip Silver Tickets for a nice gain of Influence and Guild Marks. Mithral Tickets are a full gamble as you can only buy raffles (like Midsummer Epic Mount Raffle) for them that may or may not contain a valuable item. Doing the event with many alts however has a decent chance of getting at least something out of the epic raffles. Be warned about the raffle packs showing up on the AH by the way, especially the legendary ones. They normally auto-open once obtained, but you can use the overflow bags to prevent this. Players that post these on the AH want to cheat you of your AD. The packs are the same low lottery chance as exchanging your own tickets.

Overall you should be able to walk away with some nice rewards from tickets. Kicking the crap out of the balls is what you will do during the three weeks of the event!

Summer Provisioning

Last but not least let’s quickly go over the event professions. During the Summer Festival all toons have access to a “Summer Provisioning” profession to craft some fashion, buff food, and unique Stronghold interior. The wiki has a list of all tasks and you can check out whether it’s worth it for you to do them consistently. Since you have to farm the contests and only ever can run one task per toon, I don’t think it’s a very efficient way to spend your time. If anything, I would think about crafting (and selling) Hero’s Feasts. As always however check the Auction House. The unbound rewards of the profession have been around for a while and probably sell for little AD.

That’s our guide for the Summer Festival! How do you like the event? What rewards do you usually go for? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

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  • July 10, 2017 at 12:20 am

    Maximum for volleys in a group ( self tested a lot f times): 32 times.

  • July 13, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    there is a foundry quest that someone created that is a “box” just for this event. Just search Sahha in the foundry- creator is Chime (tip her a few AD if you use it) . It’s pretty awesome just solo- or party. better than the bridge or Guard post in PE

  • July 14, 2018 at 4:00 am

    Can anyone help me i have tried every button compo i can i cant kick the ball plz help

    • July 14, 2018 at 4:37 am

      Have you completed the introductory Sahha quest line? You can buy Sahha balls from the ZEN Market, but won’t be able to “kick” them until you have gone through the intro. Because you need to learn the kick skill first. Then it’s simply a left click (At-Will) with the mouse or equivalent on consoles.

  • July 14, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    Glad to see this article as I’ve farmed food buffs and Pinata since the first Summer Festival and have them coming out of my ears. Used to make the permanent fashion and Feasts, as well. but Feasts now override other food buffs, so I won’t bother.

    But I never got the hang of the ball game since it was first introduced and had no idea how to do the keepy-uppy for the tickets. So I will be that Solo Troll Under the Bridge.

    Must I be able to kick, though, as so far I only have the jump volley skill?



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