Neverwinter Heart of Fire Reborn Lockbox Preview

When previewing the Module 15 lockboxes the other day, one addition slipped through that I’d like to discuss today. The assumptions and information handed out is still correct, with the exception that not two but three lockboxes might see the light of day in Neverwinter’s Heart of Fire release.

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Reborn Lockbox

The new structure and reward tiers also seem to apply to a “Reborn Lockbox” that was actually added to the game in earlier updates already. The items match the ones from the “Acquired Treasures Lockbox”. Only the “main rewards” differ:

So what is this all about? It’s interesting that two new lockboxes feature packs that would hint at them being successors of the Glorious Resurgence Lockbox. The term “Reborn” certainly matches the purpose of the old Resurgence a little bit better. Also some UI art indicates that “Acquired Treasures” could be more closely tied to Module 15’s Acquisitions Incorporated theme. Safe to say I probably haven’t figured all the details of the new lockboxes yet. It’s also worth noting that all three main rewards complete the “Demon Lords’ Immortality” set. New Opportunities drops the Waist, Acquired Treasure the Neck, and Reborn the Artifact. I’ve attached some icons of the new boxes and the mount retints that I’ve talked about in the other lockbox article below.

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Two Lockboxes per Module?

In earlier modules the devs by the way always did two lockboxes, one for the main module and one for the “b” module. “B” modules are no longer a thing, and the devs went to one lockbox per module even earlier I think. But with three new lockboxes in the game we could be back to multiple. One thing I’d like to add about reward tiers that has been mentioned in the comments is the fact that it means you’re probably saving lockboxes and keys for x2 events because you can no longer stockpile the drops. Also Companion Upgrade Tokens are now only available through lockboxes directly and can only be obtained on the Auction House through older companion crates.

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What’s your take on the lockboxes? Will we see multiple ones in the Heart of Fire or will one of the three boxes be available through entirely new means? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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