Neverwinter Ravenloft Achievements

In today’s preview article of Neverwinter’s Module 14, Ravenloft, I quickly go over the added achievements. It’s mainly just the list of stuff that you can grab in case you’re one of those completionists, but I’ll add some context and comments where it makes sense. So without further ado, let’s go through the additions!

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Achievements in the Barovia Adventure Zone

  • Scrying Barovia: Find all three Srying Stones in Barovia
  • Barovian Hero: Complete all 7 Heroic Encounters in Barovia
  • Clean Sweep: Defeat 50 Brooms in Barovia
  • Terror Terror: Defeat the Night Terror in Barovia
  • Vampire Slayer: Defeat 100 Vampires in Barovia
  • Witch Hunt: Defeat 50 Witches in Barovia

There are basically three major categories of achievements to get in Ravenloft. The first one are slayer and exploring achievements in the Barovia adventure zone. There are obviously your three Scrying Stones to find, but players are also tasked with completing all seven different Heroic Encounters on the map and killing the various new mob types. Please note that there are no new full “slayer” achievements, just the ones that are listed above.

Castle Ravenloft

  • Castle Ravenloft: Account Unlock
  • Castle Ravenloft: Defeat Strahd in Castle Ravenloft
  • Ghost Stories: Comfort all three of the restless spirits that haunt Castle Ravenloft
  • Night Terror: Defeat the Night Terror in Castle Ravenloft
  • Pew, pew, pew: Kill all vampires in the chapel before using the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind in Castle Ravenloft
  • Ravin’ Loft: Wait for all 5 Haunted Ballroom dancer groups to attack before defeating any in Castle Ravenloft

The second category involves the new endgame dungeon Castle Ravenloft. You get one for unlocking the dungeon as well as completing it, but there are also four “side tasks” that you can do. Just make sure you communicate achievement hunting before queuing as not everyone might be willing to go after these. I’m not sure by the way whether the “Night Terror” is a hidden mob/boss. I have completed the dungeon on preview and don’t have that achievement unlocked. Which either means it was added recently or that we never encountered it on our runs. I quite frankly didn’t pay too much attention so it could be both. Have fun figuring that one out (if there’s even something to figure out).

Hunts of Barovia

  • Card Shark: Complete a hunt using 3 cards
  • Bounty Hunter: Complete a hunt in under 5 minutes
  • Master Hunter: Complete all 10 Hunts in Barovia
  • Triple Thread: Complete a 3-Star Hunt (might be old)

Last but not least the new Hunts come with a set of achievements as well. Most are easy to obtain and I actually already have some completed just testing Hunts in the new mod. I think “Triple Thread” also has to be new because I’ve not completed it although I definitely completed “King of Spines”. So I guess it’s a 3-Star Hunt in Barovia.


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I personally am not that much into achievements, but for all you completionists and title hunters Barovia certainly offers some entertainment. There’s not too much innovative stuff included however. Soshenstar River in my eyes was a great example of how you could add explorative elements with the achievement system. Not sure why the devs didn’t continue that pattern in Omu and now Ravenloft. Little Easter eggs and gimmicks can add small bits of fun and excitement to your everyday grind and are the type of features that really round off a mod. But I’m far from complaining here. Overall Ravenloft features twice as many achievements as Omu did and with that offers enough incentives to those interested in that feature.

Are you an achievement hunter? What do you think about the Ravenloft additions? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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    “Ghost Stories: Comfort all three of the restless spirits that haunt Castle Ravenloft” always seen only 1 ghost inside CR. Do u know where i can find the others?

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