New Ruthless Enchantment Included in ZEN Market Price Reductions and Reworked Refining Pack

During the Jubilee of 2018 there’s a lot going on! The devs also used the occasion to change some pricing on the ZEN Market, and introduce a brand-new Refinement Gemstones pack for [sc name=”zenicon”]400.

Reduced Prices

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First of all, let’s quickly go over the price reductions. Some stuff on the ZEN Market is widely considered overpriced, so reductions certainly make sense. Pretty much all slots (bank, character, companion) and Scrolls of Life now cost slightly less. It’s nice, because these are services everyone needs. Even more interesting are the reductions for the Dragon Born Bundle (from [sc name=”zenicon”]2,500 to [sc name=”zenicon”]1,500) and Race Reroll Token (from [sc name=”zenicon”]1,500 to [sc name=”zenicon”]750). Both cuts are severe and should make it easier for players to acquire the premium race and re-roll their characters.

The change by the way includes the relocation of some green mounts and companions to the Trade Bar Store and Wondrous Bazaar. Overall this makes sense, but only the devs know why they haven’t adjusted the Profession Packs as well. Those are completely overpriced and currently could even be considered a scam. Whoever worked on the ZEN Market changes should really have been aware and tackled this longstanding area of concern in the process.

Refinement Pack

At least the equally outdated Blood Ruby Pack was replaced with a better alternative. With the new Refinement Gemstones pack you are now getting at least three Blood Rubys, one Enchantment R7-12 and one Enchanting Stone. The pack also costs [sc name=”zenicon”]400 instead of [sc name=”zenicon”]2,000. Funnily it’s probably still overpriced unless you luck out on the RNG front or buy it on a discount, but it’s still infinitely better than the old Blood Ruby Pack.

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Ruthless Enchantment


The Refinement Gemstones pack additional has a pleasant surprise in store for players. The enchantments it can drop includes a brand-new Ruthless Enchantment. It wasn’t announced in the official blog so it’s up to speculation whether it might have made the pack prematurely. Planned or not, the Ruthless Enchantment is a dual-stat gem that features Crit/Recovery in offensive slots, Defense/Life Steal in defensive slots and Gold/Glory Bonus in utility slots. An interesting (or annoying) aspect of the Ruthless Enchantment is that it features less stats than other dual-stat enchants like Brutal etc. The one exception is Rank 14, where it matches the rest with 600 per stat. We’re not sure whether this is intended, but it’s good to point out that you’ll be getting slightly less stats on all ranks except 14.

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3 thoughts on “New Ruthless Enchantment Included in ZEN Market Price Reductions and Reworked Refining Pack

  • June 17, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    re: Refinement Pack
    “it’s probably still overpriced”

    heres the math on my free one:
    400 zen = 168,000 AD xbox

    3 rubys (33k AD)
    1 lvl 7 enchant (2k AD)
    1 greater ench stone (600? AD)

    so all they did was introduce a purchasable refinement lockbox for gambling…
    no thanks
    even with a 50% off coupon you could easily lose big

    • June 18, 2018 at 4:11 am

      Indeed. It only pays off if you’re getting it on a discount AND luck out on RNG.

  • June 20, 2018 at 9:49 am

    I’d also like to mention – when you hit lv70 and open the adventure’s pack… you still get 50% off a blood ruby pack!

    This is as of yesterday on X1 when one of my alt’s hit 70.

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