Are the PlayStation Storefront Packs Worth the Investment?

The Jubilee of 2018 was a busy event for everyone as the devs threw a flurry of sales and discounts at players. One of the newly introduced stuff are three PlayStation Storefront Packs that are available exclusively in the PS store for real money. As we’ve done with similar offers I’d like to quickly go through the packs and guesstimate whether they are worth the investment!

First of all, all packs are definitely aimed at new players that want to start off their adventures on the right foot! They’re true bundles and offer no unique items or additional incentives for the veteran crowd. All packs contain a cloak that scales with your level. So once equipped you’ll never have to care about a neck piece during the leveling process (read our guide to level 70 here!). It is however of limited use in level 70 content and you are going to replace it rather quick.

Starter Edition Pack – $9.99 (~[sc name=”zenicon”]1,000)

The first package comes with goods worth [sc name=”zenicon”]1,850, making it roughly a 46% saving. Like mentioned all of the included items are tons of help when starting out, but except the bag you’ll rarely use them later. You also can’t get too much for [sc name=”zenicon”]250 on the market, so it’s probably better to convert them to Astral Diamonds instead and buy yourself a pair of leveling weapons.

Adventurer Edition Pack – $19.99 (~[sc name=”zenicon”]2,000)

The Adventurer Edition Pack contains items worth [sc name=”zenicon”]3,600, making it roughly a 45% saving. New players will especially like the included VIP subscription, which is mandatory for everyone who wants to get serious about the game. The mount definitely helps as well because travel times is what soon gets annoying while going back and forth between the adventure zones and Protector’s Enclave. I would once again trade in the included ZEN and buy yourself a pack of leveling weapons.

Epic Edition Pack – $29.99 (~[sc name=”zenicon”]3,000)

The Epic Edition Pack contains items worth [sc name=”zenicon”]5,700, making it roughly a 47% saving. I’d however say that blue mounts are definitely overpriced on the ZEN Market, which somewhat counts against the pack. Also note that later you’ll rarely pay full ZEN prices anyway as you will only buy stuff when there’s a serious category discount. The added artifact compared to the other packs looks nice on paper, but those are going for pennies on the Auction House and you can easily acquire them for little Astral Diamonds. That means that the most added benefit comes through the additional ZEN, which I wouldn’t consider major.


All bundles offer nice value and are definitely worth the investment when starting out the game. My personal recommendation would be to go with the “Adventurer Edition Pack”. The VIP subscription is nice and the included 500 ZEN more than enough to convert them to AD and buy yourself leveling weapons (and the artifact that’s included in the “Epic Edition Pack”). In case you really want that blue quality mount you can go up to the 30$ pack, but although the numbers pan out I think it doesn’t offer as much added benefit compared to the 20$ version.

Overall though the devs have done a nice job balancing these packs and you can’t do wrong buying into any of these as new player.

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