Neverwinter Mount Guide for Module 14

As part of our basic gear guides, we’d like to go over mounts today. Mounts in Neverwinter do not only come with an unique look, but also have some gameplay attached to it thanks to their Equip and Combat Powers. This article lists all relevant sources for mounts, as well as the pros and cons. As such it’s mainly intended for new players that want to know which options they have gearing up. You won’t find class or build-specifics hints here.

Gold / Mount Merchant

  • Example: Palomino Horse
  • PRO: Available for Gold, a very expendable currency
  • CON: White quality mounts; only viable for very new characters

The entrance to the world of mounts is the basic Mount Merchant in the Protector’s Enclave that sells white quality steeds for gold. Although these are cheap, and gold a very expendable currency anyway, it’s only viable for brand-new characters. You can’t do wrong with them, but will replace them rather fast.

Astral Diamonds / Wondrous Bazaar

  • Example: Gilded Giant Spider
  • PRO: Instantly available; unique looks
  • CON: Overpriced in terms of gameplay relevance

One way to spend your hard-earned Astral Diamonds is on the Wondrous Bazaar, that, among other things, offers a limited amount of mounts. The skins are unique, but completely overpriced in terms of gameplay relevance. Unless you really like the looks, stay away.

Astral Diamonds / Auction House

  • PRO: Auction House offers plenty of mounts; instantly available; cheap uncommon/rare ones
  • CON: Purple and legendary qualities are expensive for new players; requires market knowledge to find bargains

The other way of directly investing ADs into mounts is looking up the Auction House. All unbound breeds are obviously available and can be bought. This way you can fill up your stable almost instantly with any combination of mounts you like, but finding bargains requires some market knowledge. The more coveted mounts, especially purple and legendary ones, come with a steep price tag. If you however don’t mind spending a lot, you can almost grab everything on the Auction House.


  • Example: Armored Axe Beak
  • PRO: The latest lockboxes often feature unique mounts that you won’t find elsewhere
  • CON: RNG; not all lockboxes have Mounts

The latest lockboxes often contain unique mounts that you won’t find anywhere else. And that doesn’t only apply to the epic and legendary rewards, but also to the Mount Packs, which often feature serviceable steeds. Of course you have to depend on RNG to get what you want. So looking up the Auction House instead is often the better option. But if you’re about to open a couple lockboxes anyway, you’ll most likely will end up with something to ride on in the process.


  • Example: Stormraider Clydesdale
  • PRO: Can be claimed by each character on the account
  • CON: Often overpriced if you’re looking to equip one character only

The mounts on the ZEN Market might not exactly feel like a bargain, but they have the big advantage of being claimable by each character of your account. The more alts you own, the more it makes sense to at least buy on account unlocked purple mount that all characters then have access to. If you’re looking to equip one character one however, they are almost always overpriced.

Trade Bars

  • Example: Carpet of Flying
  • PRO: Features old lockbox mounts; plenty choices
  • CON: Expensive; need to open a lot of lockboxes to get enough Trade Bars; Not the most efficient way to spend Trade Bars

Related to the ZEN Market is the Trade Bar Store. Players can only get Trade Bars by opening lockboxes, a premium lootcrate that requires Enchanted Keys from the ZEN Market. The store features old epic lockbox mounts and in case have a surplus of the currency, it’s an alternate way to get them. Buying mounts for Trade Bars however is not the most efficient way to spend the currency as the mounts are fairly expensive. So this is something for the endgame community.

Event Rewards

  • Example: Siegebreaker Griffon
  • PRO: Usually freely available through dailies during events
  • CON: Sometimes the grind is significant and you have to show up daily; bind to character

Events always had mounts in their reward tables, but only as of recently the devs started handing out epic ones for free. The Winter Festival, Summer Festival, and Siege of Neverwinter are such examples. If you participate in the daily activities, you’ll walk away with an epic mount that usually binds to the character. This unfortunately means you can’t use main characters to farm for alts. Additionally the mounts are normally one of the main rewards of the events and you have to show up daily to get enough currency to grab them at the end.

Some events like the Day of the Dungeon Master or Summer Festival even give you a shot at a legendary mount, but it’s gated behind RNG and the chance is very low.

Ardent Coins

  • Example: Medium Snowswift Horse
  • PRO: Unique skins
  • CON: Need a considerable amount of logins; collectible with little gameplay value

The Vault of Piety offers a limited amount of mounts as well. Since you need to play the game for a while (you can only get one or two Ardent Coins per day), and the mounts come with limited gameplay value, it’s mostly something for collectors. It’s really unlikely that one of the mounts present an upgrade once you have enough Ardent Coins to buy them.

Founder’s Packs

  • Example: Heavy Giant Spider
  • PRO: Can be claimed by each character on the account; unique skins
  • CON: Overpriced

The old Founder’s Packs like Hero of the North etc. each contain one unique mounts. If you’re just looking for something to ride on then these packs are overpriced, but all contents can be claimed by each character on the account. So the more toons you have, the more a Founder’s Pack makes sense. Almost always it makes more sense however to just get an account-unlock from the ZEN Market (see above).

Promotions / Giveaways

  • Example: Chartreuse Unicorn
  • PRO: Unique skins
  • CON: Limited availability; only blue and green ones

Both the community team and Perfect World partner sites usually hand out unique “community” mounts through streams or giveaways. Those are normally re-colored versions of existing mounts and only available for a shirt period after module launches and other events. Collectors might be interested in this, but it’s basically just unique skins without much gameplay value.

That’s our guide to mounts that lists all current sources for them. Have any questions or additions? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

One thought on “Neverwinter Mount Guide for Module 14

  • July 23, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Another great article!

    Important Pros and Cons to me include whether mounts are Account-Wide and what Insignia bonuses they can have. I know you said this guide is not build-specific, but certain info on this would be very useful for new payers.

    I find things like the Medium Palomino Horse to be pretty stupid. An 80% MV, blue mount with Cavalry’s Warning, which is only of use if you have a Legendary Mount? Avoid such mounts unless you have a Legendary.

    Account-Wide I often find the best option as I have loads of characters and started in Feb 2014. But Zen Mounts I only buy in a 40/50% sale. I did buy a bunch of Green quality Gorgons from the AH recently, just for the skin for certain characters.

    I’d like to add some additional, personal opinions.

    Some mounts are useful Invoking Mounts, IE Prosperity insignia for XP bonus. Call the mounts and swap to Invokign Gear with Azures for Invoking and turning in quests. The Max hp is still working from Prosperity, but the XP, gold and Glory bonus has been broken since Mod 14 was launched. With Azures in cheap green gear, even inactive Alts can get a level per day, or 3 every 4 days, 2 every 3 days and so on just from invoking six times, depending on their XP Bonus. That means Power Points and Double unbound RP gems when you claim the level up reward during 2xRP. And more chances of the 30k AD Jackpot.

    PRO: can double up on some Insignia bonuses
    CON: most do have terrible diminishing returns and there’s a limited choice of Insignia combinations, IE one per mount. Some use for Invoking.

    PRO: have a Universal slot, so more flexible than White with more possible Insignia combinations.
    PRO: Can double up on some Insignia bonuses, but most do have terrible diminishing returns
    CON: no longer on Zen Market for account-wide unlock, now single purchase only from WB

    Wondrous Bazaar
    PRO: Gilded Giant Spider has Wanderer’s Fortune which new and old players will want
    CON: Single purchase. I’d get the Armored Bear or Lord’s Armored Polar Bear in a 40 or 50% Sale from Zen Market if you have 6 or more characters you can actively play. BUT Siegbraker Griffon from Siege of Neverwinter can be obtained very easily on 10 or more characters and they run that 2 or 3 times a year.
    CON: Overpriced, but Wanderer’s Fortune is needed by all new payers, but they can get an Epic in the Siege. But I agree, Single Purchases are for the birds unless VERY, very cheap as well as useful or a good skin.

    Auction House
    PRO: can get some really nice skins very cheap if skins is what you want. I tend to match skin to character race, sex, class and fashion, like the green Gorgon on GF and GWF with fashion dyed so it looks like Silver Plate and Silver Scale mail.
    CON: Single Purchase

    PRO: Account-Wide Unlock, at least 2 have Wanderer’s Fortune. In a 50% Sale like the Maze Engine coupons and last year’s Summer Festival, very good value for multiple characters.
    PRO: The Lord’s Armored Polar Bear has the same five combinations as my Dawn Unicorn from Knights of the Feywild, so now I can have Combatant’s Maneuver as well as Gladiator’s Guile.
    CON: Not all Insignia Bonuses are available and some Insignia Slots are very samey on those with only 2 combinations.

    Trade Bars
    CON: Single Purchase

    PRO: Siege of Neverwinter and Summer Festival I think are very easy to do on multiple characters and the Siegebreaker Griffon has Wanderer’s Fortune.
    PRO: the grind is minimal.
    Summer Festival, just log in and talk to the NPC twice, get Favour of Sune for the Epic Snail.
    Siege of Neverwinter, same thing but kill a few Dragons to turn in quest and get Siegebreaker after 14 days.
    Winter Festival, I forget, possibly more grindy.
    CON: Winter Festival Epic Sled has only 2 insignia Slots. A bug that must be fixed.

    Ardent Coins
    PRO: Unbound so can sell on AH, but the Ardent Coin weapons fetch more per coin.
    CON: Single Purchase

    Other Packs
    PRO: Knights of the Feywild has the Dawn Unicorn, as well as Sylph companion.
    PRO: Account-wide
    CON: Many packs have no mounts.
    Class Boosters have a companion, no mount.
    Legendary Dragonborn has no mount OR companion, but has the race, 30-slot account-wide bag, fashion, a few other trinkets. Worth it just for the bag if you have many alts

    Mounts wth Wanderer’s Fortune (does not include country-specific promos)

    Free from Events
    Siegebreaker Griffon

    Zen Market
    Armored Bear
    Lord’s Armored Polar Bear
    Elite Shadow Wolf (during Pit Fight event)

    Zen Market Packs
    Dawn Unicorn (Knights of the Feywild)
    Heavy Giant Spider (Hero of the North)

    Single Purchase
    Heavy Inferno Nightmare
    Turmish Lion

    Blue for AD ,Over=Priced Single Purchase
    Gilded Giant Spider

    I got the Knights of the Feywind in a 50% Off Steam sale in Mod 2. In those days, it included 600,000 AD as well!

    NEVER buy Zen from Steam!

    DLC like packs are OK.


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