Neverwinter Ravenloft Preview: New Item Level 550 Barovian Armor Sets [UPDATED]

As part of our extensive coverage of Neverwinter’s Module 14, we are going to look into the Barovian Armor Sets today. Ravenloft will introduce a brand-new seal for which players can buy item level 550 armor sets. Acquisition and farming works exactly like Seal of the Brave and Primal Gear in Mod 12. It still makes sense to go over the basis and tell you guys what to expect.

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Seals of the Crown

The new type of seal is called “of the Crown” and drops from the M14 endgame dungeon “Castle of Ravenloft”. The drop amounts are pretty common. It’s ten from each boss (there are three total in the dungeon) and 20 from each chest. The seal is capped at 400 per week, just like the Seals of the Brave were in M12/13. The corresponding vendor can be found in the village of Barovia. It’s located on the north-west of the main market in the outer ring of the town. The coordinates are 1485, 1546 just in case, but you should be able to find him fairly easily. The pic on the left shows the prices in the shop, but please note that it’s taken during a 50% seal discount event. Overall the seal costs match the ones of the Primal Gear. The body piece is 600 and the three other ones cost 400 each. Currently the trader sells Primal Rings under the “Accessories” category, which could be a bug or a placeholder. But maybe the devs also just want players to be able to buy the rings for the new seals as well (for salvage purposes?).

Same Stats as Primal Gear

The similarities between Primal and Barovian gear continues with the stat allocations. The new pieces feature the same set of stats as their precursors, obviously with values that match item level 550. The equip bonuses differ however. All four types feature a bonus that gives 1,500 of an offensive stat when your health is 50% or more, and 2,000 of a defensive one when your health is below 50%:

  • Head: Critical Strike and Life Steal
  • Body: Power and Defense
  • Arms: Armor Penetration and Deflection
  • Feet: Recovery and Movement
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Down below you see a screenshot that compares the current Primal Gear of Scourge Warlocks with the Barovian one of Module 14. If you currently use the Primal Gear to min/max your stats it’s obviously easy to switch since the new pieces offer slightly more through a higher item level and equip bonus. Some players might however have a hard time switching if they’re using those custom gear of Mod 12/13 that gives a flat percentage to damage or similar. In any case this will be the best item level that you can get for your armor pieces in Ravenloft content.

Please note that the picture shows an older version of the armor sets when they were still item level 530. The devs changed that to 550 later (And Vivified Primal to 535). So the actual stats on the gear are slightly higher.

Envenomed Caches and Seals of the Crown

One thing we have to talk about in regards of Seals of the Crown are the Envenomed Caches from TONG. Because as you can see in this video, those will drop both Seal of the Brave and Crown, making it possible to pre-farm the currency. You’ll still be limited by the 400 weekly cap of the seal, but in case this isn’t unintended you will be able to buy your first piece of Barovian gear on day 1 of the expansion.

*** UPDATE *** This was patched on preview and Envenomed Cache does no longer drop the new seals.

That’s our preview of the new Barovian Gear in Ravenloft! What do you think about the item level 550 pieces? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or the corresponding thread on our message board!

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