Neverwinter Announces Bans, Suspensions For Botting And Third-Party Purchases

Yesterday PWE announced bans and suspensions for botting and purchases of currency from third-party websites.

Hi Everyone,

We have seen over the past day that there are several individuals who are claiming to have been either banned or suspended from Neverwinter on Xbox One or PC. We wanted to update the community on why and how this has happened. Here is a quick overview of the situation:

  1. Perma-bans: Reading through this thread, it doesn’t sound like this applies to any of you. Our team has identified accounts that have played a very long concurrent time. I’m talking about 20+ hours and then logs in again after a brief break. It is fairly clear to the group that it isn’t usual behavior for an individual, which leads us to believe that this account is botting. Those individuals received a perma-ban.
  2. Temporary Suspensions: There is another group of individuals that, based on data coming from the game, have purchased in-game currency from an outside source. Purchasing currency violates our in-game policies for the game and is not something that we condone with players. These suspensions will go away after three days. Using the services from these third-party sites puts your account security at risk so we strongly encourage you to avoid visiting them. Additionally, please note that the Astral Diamonds sold by these sites are acquired by compromising another player’s account and, in some cases, fraudulently using another player’s credit card.

If you feel that you have been flagged incorrectly for these bans, please reach out to our customer service team. Please note that they do have an influx of tickets coming in and will need time to respond. Turn around time should be about 24-hours.


The surprising thing is not that bans have been handed out for the listed infractions, it has happened before, but rather that it has been publicly announced. We have been reporting bans ever since, but PWE has always been silent and referred to company policy if asked.

Our guess is that after cutting down most AD sources and ALT income this should serve as a public determent for those who might be or have been looking to get AD elsewhere. Prices of third-party sites have increased noticeably, but remain a pesky rival to their own ZEN sales. Since they will never be able to get to third-party-owners directly, they might hope to scare players instead.

However, until these bans are handed out regularly in all areas of the game, Neverwinter overall can still be considered an exploit and botting-friendly game with little intervention from officials.



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