New Module 11b to Bring Masterwork Update, Loadouts and Guild Hall Interior

The first patch of the still to be named mid-module update “11b” is on the preview server since Friday. As always we’ll preview all new aspects and features in-depth in the coming weeks, but want to start with an all-around update of what to expect. On top of what you can already see on preview, there is not much more additional info in the game files. So the “datamining” component in this post is actually low. In terms of general information you might also like this doc from Adinos about Masterworks and the compilation Kolat put up in our forum.

Random Stuff

Before we dig into the new module, let’s get some random stuff off. There are a whole lot of flower and drink icons added in this build. We can’t tie them to any content right now, but could be new buff food or something for the Summer Festival already. Two other items however are confirmed to be added to this year’s Anniversary event. Elminster has already taught adventurer’s the art of juggling and will extend this to firebreathing. The new throne is called “Shadowdragon”.

[su_box title=”Powerdef.Autodesc.Item_Anniversary_Firebreathing_Book” radius=”0″]Learn to breathe fire. (/emote Firebreathing)[/su_box]

There are also new colored Mounts. The Bulette comes in a blueice, golden and hellfire variant, the Flail Snail in forest green and fungal red and a Lion in azure blue and yellow. At least one of those will probably be used in giveaways.

Item Level updates

The item levels were updated to better represent the player’s power. All gear has basically been multiplied by three and Boons, Mounts, Companions and Insignias now all feature item levels. This was a requested change and catapults item levels to old gear score levels. Have fun rebranding your private channels folks!

Masterwork and Stronghold Gear Updates

Temporary Structures in the Stronghold

Let’s continue with the biggest thing in terms of progression and gear. Masterwork will get a full new line of (artifact) gear. The recipes can be bought straight from the Artisan for 30 pieces of old resources. Jewelcrafting needs 30 Gold Nuggets for example. The gear then needs new resources that can be gotten from new Explorer’s Charts in Icewind Dale, new temporary structures in your Stronghold and farming Fangbreaker Island and Spellplague Caverns. So more than ever Masterwork seems to be a guild wide effort to bring up the needed structures for the ones doing the professions.

The crafted gear is of item level 160 and there’s also new Artifact Gear on par with the current one. The stats can be looked up in the preview collection or by following this link for images posted in our forum from user billyriz. The Stronghold Weapon set is also reintroduced with current item levels. It still has the same set bonus and boosts damage and healing for the full group.

[su_spoiler title=”Module 10b Masterwork Icons” style=”fancy” icon=”caret”]


Guild Gear, Event and Hall Interior

The next major update in terms of guilds is a new guild gear, event and hall interior. The blue Stronghold gear is updated from item level 125 to 140, and you’ll be able to buy Artifact Gear for your alts as well. Guilds will additionally be able to decorate their Guild Hall with all sorts of Banners and other inventory and accessories. It seems to be strictly cosmetic and is the closest feature to housing this game has seen. The interior can be bought on the Wondrous Bazaar, crafted with Masterworks or won from the new guild event.

[su_spoiler title=”Module 10b Interior Icons” style=”fancy” icon=”caret”]


New Stronghold Siege event

Next to the Dragonflight guilds will now be able to fend off endless waves of enemies and can decide to continue for more rewards or stop. The rewards are largely unknown to us, but supposedly vouchers will be included and there is a full new line of “Chase” rewards attached to Strongholds. “Chase” is the internal term of the dungeon rewards that got introduced with the key changes a while bag (*** UPDATE *** Turns out those come from another temporary structure in the Stronghold). There’s also a Griffon Mount that could be tied to the event as reward.

[su_spoiler title=”Module 10b Chase Item Icons” style=”fancy” icon=”caret”]


Loadouts and UI Updates

Loadouts have been an anticipated addition since it leaked in an earlier build. Players will have the ability to quickly switch between loadouts which are essentially full respecs. This is a very useful feature, but as implemented has its limitations, which we will cover in a separate post. The unpopular “Sword Coast Chronicles” campaign hub has also been reworked and is now integrated in the quest and lore UI.

Of the Nine Lockbox

Last but not least, the next lockbox is named “Of the Nine”. Its setup is the same than that of the Many-Starred Lockbox. It has a purple and legendary Mount as well as an Artifact as major prices. The blue boxes look subpar however. The Enchantment one is dropping Bloodthirst and Lifedrinker, which are no that popular amongst the endgame population. And with a Campaign Pack and Stronghold Pack it has at least two drops of very limited use.

[su_spoiler title=”Module 10b Of The Nine Lockbox Icons” style=”fancy” icon=”caret”]


We hope you liked our “datamining” update of Neverwinter upcoming mid-module update “11b”! In case you have any additions or questions, don’t hesitate to put them in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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    >Campaign Pack

    Frost Arms and Genies Gifts?

    • March 30, 2017 at 3:34 am

      No, the box drops 15 Reclaimed Resources.

  • March 30, 2017 at 4:49 am

    I would of preferred if they actually update Genie’s gifts to include up until at least the maze engine, suppose the box will help with alts and be cheap on AH

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    This mod will punish small guilds instead of the so called help promised in on twitch

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