Bonus Companion Reward Promotion Error Creates Uproar

Not for the first time PWE caused irritation with a misleading description of its latest ZEN promotion. Buyers of certain ZEN items were promised account-unlocked companions, but the delivered ones were only one-time claimable versions. It turned out to be a copy&paste error in the blog posting, because they used a former promotion as template. Communications Manager Alex has since updated the news posting and apologized for the issue. Although they increased the total to three of each of the companions to make up for the error (that also didn’t work as expected as only one Spider companion got delivered), many users still feel scammed.

We talked about the communicational issues this month and this adds some more disturbing evidence.

Death Slaad Companion
Death Slaad Companion


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One thought on “Bonus Companion Reward Promotion Error Creates Uproar

  • June 28, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    It goes to show in the long run how dedicated the staff of cryptic is to this game. Making errors like these really? Dont they even proofread posts? From such a big gaming company how can one expect this….

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