Community Spotlight: Northside/Unforgiven

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In our spotlight series, we want to highlight content creators, theorycrafters, and other known faces of the Neverwinter community. Today we are present you “Northside” aka “Unforgiven”, who is one of those GWF beasts and runs one of the bigger YouTube channels for the game. Next to sharing as much personal information as he liked, he answered some general questions about his D&D, Neverwinter and gaming career. Have fun reading through!


  • Nickname: northside/Unforgiven
  • Email:
  • Main Platform: PC (Dragon)
  • Content Type: Youtube
  • Channel URL:
  • Classes: Great Weapon Fighter
  • Ingame Handle: @blu3army
  • Guild / Alliance: Black Lotus
  • Name: Slobodan
  • Country / City / State: Serbia/Novi Sad/Vojvodina
  • Age: 38

History of Your Gaming, D&D, Neverwinter Career

I can’t really remember the exact year but it was like some old Commodore and Atari so long time ago. Yeah I’m that old. I do also enjoy Warframe, Elder Scrolls Online, and very few other titles. I play as much as I choose to depending on my daily obligations and things that are priority over NW. Been playing since beta. So I’m here from the beginning and I’m glad that I had the pleasure to experience the old game as it was with so many things good things gone now.

Your History, Goals and Thoughts About Creating Content for Neverwinter

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Well I always wanted to do some kind of content creation but sadly I had very bad rig. So in a way I started 2016 at the end of the year, but with very low resolution and low fps. After that I bought a decent PC and now all of my videos are in HD 1080p 60fps. I can’t really explain, but I see my videos as universally informative even though I only play GWF. And who follows my channel knows I try to cover as much as I can from my perspective to save time, money, and AD to fellow players, and of course myself.

All my videos are monetized but the revenue is not really worthy mentioning. Everything I earn goes to my rig or eventually paying some bill. I do not find myself unique, others should say how they see me and my effort. But I’m always straight forward and I don’t like to waste the time of my viewers. So I try to cut to the point decently fast and stay on it not prolonging videos too much. Like I said, no time wasting guys!

I do like to joke, but at the end I do try to cover every aspect of the video I make very seriously as I do spend a lot of time testing stuff. Everything I do pretty much has a purpose. It’s not just there for giggles so I’m straight forward and honest. If I can help or make the devs or CMs aware of things that are wrong, I’m happy about it. I do also enjoy communicating with my subs and other viewers and i find it very useful as my channel grows.

[su_quote cite=”Unforgiven 2017″]If I die, I’m dead[/su_quote]

What’s the Funniest, Weirdest, Most Annoying, or Frustrating Thing That Happened to You While Covering the Game?

Well honestly I would have to go through some good amount of videos, but of the top of my head the funniest video was with some of my ex guild mates. It’s sadly gone, but it was like a marriage (both of course were guys) and during the entire video people mostly laughed not even paying attention. We did duo a dungeon and were even comparing new enchants, but the entire video in the end was just about us fighting as married couple in a funny way.

Frustrations mostly come up when I render the same video three times and I mess up every time. But nothing major! I learn so I enjoy it.

What Do You like / Dislike About Covering Neverwinter and Its Community?

Personally I have decent communication with some developers (midnight ftw!), but problem is that I think that should extend to the whole player base. Not just single devs but the entire team needs to work together to be more connected to the community. I know it’s hard but they sure can put more effort into communication between players, CMs and devs. Simple as that.

In my channels I personally have a very good relationship to my viewers. I always try to answer any question I can in a timely manner and usually I succeed. Nobody is perfect, but I do my best. Feedback is good, positive critics mostly, and like I stated many times I do try very hard to make informative videos and not to waste others and my time. I think for a smaller game like Neverwinter content creators and streamers contribute a ton by promoting the game and giving some guidance to new players.

Official support? Maybe it’s best to not comment! I basically answered that above. I think more must be done to connect the player base and management. Currently some things they do or choose to ignore are unacceptable.

What Do You like / Dislike About Neverwinter and Its Community as a Player?

Mod 6 killed the game! I’m joking of course (but am I?). Look guys, I’m a ex PVP guy retired long ago when all went to hell and back. I had that luck or curse to play this game at it’s finest. Back then you logged on and you always, ALWAYS had something to do. Dungeons , PVP, Gauntlgrym, etc. TeamSpeak was full at that time no matter when you would log on. Bugs were here and will always be here, and although I don’t want turn this into a bashing, there are indeed some unacceptable bugs that linger for way too long. Even stuff we report from preview before module launches goes live. I mean that’s unprofessional and on them as company. We all know when the big turnover happened (not gonna mention in which mod). So many good people quit the game and they mostly never came back. It’s very sad and the company didn’t seem to give a single f. Well fine. Game lost a lot, no matter how much they wanted to downplay it. We who are still here since beta know. And thank god there are still a lot of us around.

What I’d like to see is more interaction, more transparency, and more communication. Let’s not dodge important questions on streams for example. It’s just embarrassing how obvious they ignore certain things.

Are There Other Guys You’d Personally like to See Featured Here?

Well absolutely Rainer, but you guys already did that! I would really like to see him grow more. I’m not sure who is featured around here from other content creators, but I would personally ask you to go and check some channels and do some research. There are guys and girls who put effort but they can’t get to the top.

Anything Else You’d like to Add?

Well to conclude this, I would like to really say thank you guys for supporting me! You guys are unique for the game so just keep it up! Also a shout-out to my viewers and subs who stay even though English is not my native language. But I assure you I do my best and I try to improve every day!

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