Consoles Experiencing a Crucial Vendor Sell Issue Since M15 Launch

Console players currently need to make sure they aren’t getting scammed in Neverwinter. Not by players though, but by the game’s merchants! Because a nasty bug can lead to unintentionally selling all items. Community Manager Julia has acknowledged and described the issue on the message board.

[su_quote]We are aware of an issue with the Vendor UI where pressing the square (on PS4) button or the X (On Xbox One) while on the Buy tab will bring up a “Sell All” prompt. If a player accepts this prompt, it will sell all sellable items in the player’s inventory. The buyback may not include all items that were sold.[/su_quote]

It might sound funny, but can be super destructive, because as mentioned you might not even be able to get all your items back through the buyback option. The reason is that the system only tracks the last 30(-ish) items. Everything else will be lost. That’s why Producer Terramak also spread the news on Discord. They are currently trying to hot-patch this without having to go through a full certification process, which usually that takes two weeks. Until it is fixed, it might be wise to stay away from vendors or at least be super careful what you are doing.

Not the Start We Were Hoping For

Of course this is not the start into console module 15 we were hoping for. The PC release was already plagued by a multitude of small and major issues and this adds to the struggle. For those that wanted to experience the new module and now instead have lost essential gear or items from their inventories, it’s obviously super annoying. Thankfully not everything is sellable, otherwise the extent would be even greater.

The ones that already ran into the issue have no choice but to contact support. They will be able to restore your characters, but it might take a couple days.

Did you experience the sell bug or heard of anyone who lost items? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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One thought on “Consoles Experiencing a Crucial Vendor Sell Issue Since M15 Launch

  • January 16, 2019 at 10:05 am

    I dislike this update; bugs caused me to stop trying the crafting system and the campaign is horrible, worst one yet.

    The change to classes the devs have no idea how to even come close to balancing classes out; I mean a CW that knows what they are doing are much better in mod 15 than in prior mods.

    As I was toying around with the update yesterday my wife was watching the updates coming to ESO, her preferred MMO and I have to say, I liked what I saw so much I bought ESO Collection and than pre-ordered the new chapter. I seen her play it so I have a good idea what is to come and I can state this that given this update NWO may lose some end game players who are not crafters to other games and if the next update is even close to this, they probably won’t come back.

    There are more people complaining about the update than any other update prior to this. It is pretty bad the devs even release this garbage.

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