David “Miasmat” Anderson Rides off into the Sunset (In a Tesla)

It appears that Cryptic Studios’ Neverwinter team has lost its Lead Programmer. David Anderson known as “miasmat” briefly was added to a “former developer” group on the Arcgames forum. That has since been retracted, but because there was an issue with some users unintentionally getting added to the group. Anderson’s LinkedIn profile however lists him as “Senior Software Engineer” as Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, since July.

While this would be a huge step in his career, Cryptic loses a longtime team member. David had been with Neverwinter since 2012, helped launch the game, port it to consoles, and was the main face behind many UI tweaks, bug fixes, and live support. He famously appeared on this years’ State of the Game stream, in which he enthusiastically detailed the issues with the Foundry. Miasmat still posts on Arcgames, but at this point we’d trust his LinkedIn information.

Developers heading out around here is not uncommon by the way. Cryptic is a small studio and for most just a first step in their career. Tesla probably offers more opportunities to grow, job security, and money. So we’d like to thank David for all the contributions to the game and wish him all the best at Tesla!

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