Demon Lords’ Artifact Set Has Seen Enough, Decides To One-Shot The Game

In a serious case of how the fuck did THAT make it through QA and production, we present you: The Demon Lords’ Artifact Set.

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Some encounters trigger an infinite amount of damage from the set bonus, which is supposed to deal up to 20% of damage depending on the health difference between the owner and the target. It’s not clear what exactly causes the math going ham, but some people suggest that the set does take the HP of some power entities as reference and not the owner’s. Since powers like Icy Terrain most likely have zero HP, is could make sense.

Anyway, it’s working across multiple encounters of multiple classes. PWE as always is quick to delete any references to the bug from arcgames and their subreddit (you are still free to discuss on our message board, of course), but the bug has rapidly spread since yesterday, people are advertising nuke runs in lfg and the set also makes PVP unplayable.

The devs have received information from the community on the issue and Strum confirmed they are working on a solution. We’ll see whether they think this warrants an emergency maintenance, given they find and are able to fix the cause in a timely manner.

In the meantime here’s our pro tip how to avoid such things in the future: Equip new sets during internal testing at least once!


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  • April 12, 2016 at 5:07 am

    Thats going on when you not test things… GG cryptic, now one person can kill tiamat and dragons lol

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