Developer Asterdahl Comments on Potentially Overpowered Mane of the Manticore

One upcoming item in Module 13 has already caused quite a few headaches within the community even before its release. The “Mane of the Manticore” head piece pictured on the left, an item rewarded for participating in the Hunts feature, has an equip bonus that has the potential to be quite powerful, if not overpowered, in PVP. On “bis” level, the deflected damage could easily exceed 75,000 damage. Add that rapid-firing dailies isn’t an issue for certain builds and you probably get why the item can cause issues.

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Asterdahl addressed these concerns last week in multiple posts. He stated that the items is “still subject to the global PvP damage reduction of 60% and any of your own defenses“. So the actual damage generated shouldn’t be that high. Additionally not all items have received their final balancing pass. In particular, the Mane item will be receiving an internal cooldown to prevent abuse.

Still Great for Rogues?

Asterdahl however shared concerns that the item might still be too strong in combination with TR’s “Shadow of Demise” and promised monitoring its performance. He also seconded concerns about procs and PVP in general. Here are the relevant quotes:

[su_quote]As you pointed out, shadow of demise really plays well with the mane. We’ve considered branching the mane’s damage with a separate PvP and PvE value, as we think the value is completely fine as is in PvE, but we generally try to avoid branching as it can start to feel arbitrary. We will definitely consider further adjustments as we approach launch and absolutely make adjustments if the item ends up being problematic post launch.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]We are aware of this general complaint with the game’s large number of proc effects vis-a-vis PvP, and by in large we agree. I can’t promise any specific changes but it is something the team is absolutely thinking about how to make better in the long term. In the mean time, we appreciate your continued feedback on the more egregious cases and will endeavor to make adjustments. [/su_quote]

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One thought on “Developer Asterdahl Comments on Potentially Overpowered Mane of the Manticore

  • February 5, 2018 at 1:01 am

    Yes right now we are living in a golden age for unspecialized people participating in PVP. Just post tenacity removal and prior to mod 13. Even without out of wack boosts like the mane being thrown in there we’re looking at a sizeable increase in damage output from the new weapons alone, let alone the specialized gear. At the same time even tank classes that ARE receiving nice buffs, arent getting them relative to the damage increases available. Those who aren’t tanks, its just going to be discouraging to say the least.

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