Devs Announce October Bugfix Month

If you’re one of those guys that think the devs commit way too less of their time to fixing bugs, this news is going to please you! On the official message board the devs recently announced the “October Bugfix Month“. For the full month, the devs ask the community to post their most annoying bugs and they will try to fix them asap.

Hello everyone! A while back, we made some changes to how Weapon Enhancements worked, and the forum feedback thread turned into a big bugfix fest. We even managed to squeeze in a bunch of bugfixes for things predating the WE changes themselves (including some more or less unrelated ones, like a CW Chill Stack problem). We didn’t manage to tackle everything, not by a long shot, but still there was some good progress, and it seemed well-received in general. @darthpotater even suggested we should get all the devs involved (at the time it was just asterdahl and me).

Well, now we want to do just that — get all the devs involved, spend a whole month, and open it up to whatever bugs are the ones you want fixed the most!

Post Your Bugs!

So all you complainers, whiners and naysayers, here’s your chance! Get into the thread, post bugs and… well, probably see them resolved! The usual theorycrafters have already flooded the thread, and so should you. Just make sure to follow the posted guidelines. We’ll definitely monitor the progress and see how much of the stuff the devs will eventually be able to tackle. But based on the participation so far it definitely has the potential to be great. We hope this is going to be a success and that many more “Bugfix Months” will follow.

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