Devs Correct Course on Random Queues with Today’s Patch NW.90.20171009A.13, Plus More

Random queues have been the hot topic in the PVE community ever since the system made its first appearance on preview. Complaints are large and plenty, and with today’s PC patch NW.90.20171009A.13 the devs correct course by tweaking a few aspects. Here’s what’s getting changed:

  • A Stronghold quests tied to random queues is now available to all players
  • Merchant Prince’s Folly is no longer part of the skirmish queue

The effect of it is rather simple. Now any character is guaranteed to have at least access to two different random queues (normal and skirmish) and is also able to farm Stronghold Shards. This actually fills a request that we have posted in our own ideas of how to make the random queue an overall better experience. It definitely fixes a lot of the trouble for lower level characters.

What About the Epic Queues?

While not included in today’s build, Asterdahl in the dev blog and on the forum mentioned further changes coming to the scaling system and the way campaign keys work. The current situation of needing a gazillion different keys is unbearable (and has been for over a year), and we’re glad the devs finally acknowledged it. Not dealing with FBI and mSP in the epic queue is a big miss however. These dungeons just aren’t ideal fits for a daily AD routine.

[su_quote cite=”Asterdahl” url=”″]The leveling dungeon queue is something I’ve discussed a bit before, and we definitely know that the experience can be less than stellar right now. Adjustments to level scaling is something we’ve had on our radar for a long time now, and it’s something we’re looking improving. Our goal is that when you’re scaled down, it won’t be much different from running it at the proper level, but of course at that time we would be making other adjustments to make sure the rewards feel fine for the time invested. [/su_quote]

Orcus Is Free Again

The patch also deals with the bug that can get Orcus into a stuck state. The bug was live since the start of Tomb of Annihilation and we’re glad it’s finally fixed. Well at least hopefully, because as mentioned in our initial report the devs tried to take care of it once already and failed.

Do you like the tweaks to the random queue system? What else would be required to make the system even better? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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One thought on “Devs Correct Course on Random Queues with Today’s Patch NW.90.20171009A.13, Plus More

  • November 12, 2017 at 8:06 am

    FBI randoms finally work with new queue. Please don’t change them.

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