Devs Looking into Guild Security Options

Ever since guilds got value attached to them with Strongholds, hostile takeovers and third-party sales are a constant thread to any community. Although those occurrences thankfully have been rare, it’s a lingering concern. The main culprit is that a single leader of a guild can basically gain sole control without anybody being able to prevent that whatsoever. That’s why people have long been calling for more security checks, for example those that Star Trek Online has.

So it’s probably good news that Julia confirmed during her usual Monday sweep through the forum that the devs are aware of the issue and actively discussing it.

[su_quote]Just wanted to chime in to say that we have been exploring safeguard alternatives without it negatively impacting peaceful transitions of power. The waiting period that the STO team has is one of the options the NW is looking into.[/su_quote]

Like she mentioned it’s not too easy to find a good solution that adds another layer of security without making it too difficult to interfere with legit operations. Many alliances rotate their Helmet to give those guilds the most Stronghold discounts that need it the most. A sophisticated voting system for any administrative activities for example would make this a pain. So it doesn’t seem like the devs are quite ready to commit to a anything, but at least there seems to be an interest in finding a better solution.

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4 thoughts on “Devs Looking into Guild Security Options

  • May 18, 2018 at 6:22 am

    They should have a system like MU online has long long time ago if guild leader went AWOL for 30days the other officers in the guild will able to vote out that leader and next co-leader or next in command should go be the guild leader and get things running again. and in terms of selling guild should be a voting system too amongs tops officers of the guild max of six top people in the guild.

  • May 18, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Well there first option would be to investigate when a guild gets taken over and not make it a month long process. Like on PC a few weeks ago a rank 18 guild was stolen. Is it really that hard for customer service to deal with the issue in a timely manor. One would think it should be pretty easy to just have members from the guild get sent emails asking what they know. And at the same time look into the account of the person who stole the guild. Then look and see who was kicked and when and last is make it just simple and have it so it is illegal to sell guilds. Or given away to anyone that has not been a member for at least 1 month is not longer.

    It really does show how poor cryptic manages the game and protects the players. They seem to defend bots, hackers and exploiters more then they would fair and honest players. And even a couple months ago i seen a guild thief that must have jumped over 12 guilds in less than a hour and he also was claiming to be the leader on a alt of the guilds he joined. I took many screen shots along with date and time even had a few from guild say what he was trying to do. I sent a ticket with tons of information yet 2 weeks later that same person was still in game WTF cryptic !!!!! I really hope that was not the same person that took over that rank 18 guild and if so then cryptic is 100% to blame for it. I still have the email i sent at that time and the handle of that thief is/was @dragonball#6572

  • May 22, 2018 at 7:58 am

    I am the leader of said stronghold that was ‘highjacked’. It would be nice if something was put into place that this sort of thing won’t happen again. For us, its just like closing the barn door, after the animals have escaped. I don’t know why it is taking so long for Cryptic to find out what happened, my guild members and I sent several tickets in to let them know this happened, as soon as it happened. We have logs showing where everyone was kicked. I even put what happened in the forums as it was suggested. I have not heard anything back in over a week. It has been a month since this happened. And from what I can tell this person is still going strong.. why?! If my Guild had been hacked would the response have been different? I have stated many times this WAS NOT a in fight between 2 Rank 7’s. This was a person pretending to be ME on a DIFFERENT account.. and sadly was promoted up to Rank 7. and proceeded to kick everyone out starting with the only other rank 7. So yes putting in place security so this can’t happen again to someone else is great… Im still waiting for my NOW Rank 18 Stronghold to be returned to me and my guild members.

  • February 21, 2019 at 4:55 pm

    Oh, Jennifer, Come On!

    Not the old
    “Hi! This is your Leader’s Alt! Invite me and rank me up to a level where I can kick everyone, without doing any checks!” scam?


    Any member with Invite privileges can invite their OWN Alts and then rank them up if they are able to promote.

    That other rank 7 lost you your Guild! I would not allow him those privileges ever again if you ever get your Guild back.

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