Executioner Trickster Rogue: Decapitation Time!

In this part of my Trickster Rogue guide (Part 12, 3, 4). I will show you a picture of my feat tree and then explain what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. I will go ahead and explain which powers I use. The heroic feet tree part will always look the same regardless of your build by the way.

MinMax Executioner Build

The strongest DPS build for the Trickster Rogue is the Executioner

You deal most of your damage in combination with “Shadowburn” (doubles the Power Rating when attacking from stealth) and “Back Alley Tactics” (grants +25% additional damage depending on how empty the Action Points are). If you are in a group of mobs the daily “Whirlwind of Blades” nicely multiplies with “Shadowburn” in case you hit 5 monsters. With the class feature “Invisible Infiltrator” you immediately gain full stealth and can follow up with “Dazing Strike” for a tremendous amount of AoE damage.

What exactly happens?

Let’s talk some numbers. Let’s assume we have 50,000 Power (which is totally possible for an endgame character with Bonding Runestones). Your power rating gets doubled if you attack with “Whirlwind Of Blades” and hit five monsters. So 100,000 Power. Now you re-stealth because of the class feature “Invisible Infiltrator”. Your follow-up “Dazing Strike” from stealth basically now will hit for 200.000 Power. Additionally you profit from Invisible Infiltrator’s damage boost of 20% for five seconds and 25% additional damage because you just depleted your action points. If you are fast enough you can also use “Impossible To Catch” to gain 10% more power for your attack, which would be another 10,000-20,000 Power more at the end (25% – 50% additional damage). This combo especially scales well with a Cleric in your group.

The Executioneer capstone: Shadow of Demise

“Shadow of Demise” applies a stack on one target (even with AOE attacks only one target is affected). Within six seconds Shadow Of Demise records how much damage the target receives from the Executioneer and after the time runs out deals 50% of said damage as irresistible piercing damage. It is a great tool against bigger mobs and bosses.

What powers should you use?

Your class features are “Skillfull Infiltrator” and “Invisible Infiltrator”. Your At-Wills are “Duelists Flurry” and “Sly Flourish”. As mentioned in the other guides you only use “Duelists Flurry” on a target if you are sure you can get the maximum of ten stacks on the monsters (2-3 Flurries). If you can’t Flurry the target enough you use “Sly Flourish”. On high HP mobs like bosses use “Duelists Flurry” to maintain ten bleeding stacks and hit with “Sly Flourish” in between. The pure hits of “Sly Flourish” deal more DPS and also grant a 5% damage bonus from the “Broken Armor” effect.

Your Encounter Powers are “Impossible To Catch”, which grants you control immunity, a huge damage resistance buff and adds 10% power for the duration of “Impossible To Catch”. “Smoke Bomb” adds a good amount of damage and control for the monsters in between boss fights, but can also be swapped with “Wicked Reminder” for more debuff and group utility in single target fights. An alternative to the already mentioned “Dazing Strike” is “Lashing Blade”. I personally like “Dazing Strike” more because it syncs withe the rotation due to a smaller cooldown. Using “Dazing Strike” out of stealth means it’ll still be ready for your next stealth period. So you can safely use the power and don’t have to particularly time it.

Your daily powers are “Whirlwind of Blades” for a decent amount of damage and to double your power. For bosses you wanna take “Lurkers Assault” or “Courage Breaker”. “Lurkers Assault” normally adds 30% damage and helps us to re-stealth. I noticed however that the another source of stealth not necessary most of the time. You automatically re-stealth within seven or eight seconds anyway, get “Dazing Strike” back and can only use Shadow Of Demise every six seconds.

“Courage Breaker” on the other hand grants us +25% power. With 50,000 Power you gain 12,500 power which are about +31.5% damage. In combination with the feat “Shadowburn” you double your power rating for the first hit after you stealthed, which means the initial damage from Shadow Of Demise is higher than with “Lurkers Assault”. Also unlike “Lurkers Assault” it is a buff and debuff and not some kind of stance you are in. Hence “Courage Breaker” is allowed to gain Action Points while in use, something “Lurkers Assault” can’t. It decrease the damage dealt by a bosses of about 50-60% as well and slows them down drastically.

That’s it for the feat paths guys! Next time we will move onto gear choices for the Trickster Rogue. In case you have questions or remarks share them in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!


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  • September 26, 2016 at 8:33 am

    This is great! It looks like I overlooked Shadowborn somehow. I am running Exposed Weakness for the armor pen, but I am already at 60%+ and adding Shadowborn would likely be a huge advantage over the armor pen in my build. I am anxious to get off work to respec. Thanks!

  • October 10, 2016 at 6:44 am

    It seems like a mistake not to have Deathknell from the paragon feats. 25% damage increased to targets under 30% hp is a huge bonus on bosses and stacks with the Orcus Set bonus.

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