Exploit History Vol. 16: Max Level In About One Hour

Exploit History BannerIn today’s episode of our Exploit History we are looking at one of many power-leveling exploits. The way to 60 or 70 has never been the hardest in this game, and nowadays can even be completely bypassed by ZEN unlocks. Nonetheless players have always been very creative in leveling faster than intended. In earlier days the Foundry was one of the biggest culprits, but also scaling content or farming those big “elite” mobs could do the trick. In May 2013 however players discovered that sharing and completing a particular quest in the Pirates’ Skyhold could bring you to the cap in about one hour.

Share and Level Up

The exploit couldn’t be done alone. You needed a partner that would share a particular quest with you over and over again. The video shows a character walking up to Norver the Cook and starts accepting and resolving the “Giving Unlikely Thanks” quest in quick succession, and leveling up in the process.

Being able to share the quest repeatedly is one thing, but what made this exploit possible was the fact the the rewards also unintentionally scaled with the character’s level. That’s why players were able to seamlessly level up to 60. It’s one of the more hilarious bugs and as often you ask yourself how in the world players were able to figure this one out. Anyway, it was patched soon after the video leak, but wouldn’t remain the only quest to cause trouble by sharing it.

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