Five-Year Anniversary Event Will Be Bigger Than Ever with Additional Rewards and Gifts

We already knew Cryptic had planned something special for the five-year anniversary of Neverwinter. Yesterday a blog post finally revealed the additional rewards and gifts for this year. And oh boy, it’s going to be big! In addition to the known stuff of former years, there will be a new daily quest called “It’s a Celebration!”, which hands out up to five anniversary coins. Players can trade in these coins for reward crates that contain a flurry of gifts ranging from transmutes and gear over mounts, companions, and upgrade tokens to Genie’s Gifts and Preservation Wards. So all you have to do is complete the daily five times over the course of the event and profit.

But wait, there’s more! Everyone that completes “It’s a Celebration!” at least once will get an additional gift crate with an Ultimate Enchanting Stone and other stuff. More daily completions add additional rewards to this “Thank You Crate”. You can for example grab a unique Apparatus of Kwalish mount, the rare Makos and Xuna companions, a Coalescent Ward, and tons of Legendary Dragon Keys. For the complete list of rewards please visit the blog post.

Free Rank 14 Enchantment

But heck, why stop there! Additionally all accounts can claim one free Rank 14 Enchantment! From the sound of it this is limited to the four basic ones (Radiant, Azure, Dark, Silvery), but it’s obviously still a massive gift for most players. So in case you didn’t get the subtext of this article: You should better show up to the Jubilee! The event starts on Thursday across all platforms!

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3 thoughts on “Five-Year Anniversary Event Will Be Bigger Than Ever with Additional Rewards and Gifts

  • June 14, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    Only one character can do “It’s a celebration!” and get 5 coins? It says that if a second character takes the quest, it will be kicked from the journal with a completed message. So it’s wise to do the quest with a character that can make use of the equipment, as it will be for the class that claims it??

    Also, at the end of Protector’s Jubilee, players who have completed at least one day of “It’s a Celebration!” will be given the quest “A Heartfelt Thanks” to get ONE Thank You Crate.

    So, only one character can claim this Thank You Crate, as only one character can complete even one day of “It’s a Celebration!” ?

    *Completed at least 5 Days*
    Ultimate Enchanting Stone
    Power Points x10
    Retraining Tokens x5
    **Bank Slots x16**
    Epic Experience Booster
    Runic Bag of Holding
    Companion Upgrade Tokens x70
    Legendary Dragon Keys x20
    Apparatus Anniversary Crate – Choice of one Apparatus of Kwalish mount (All choices are epic quality and contain 2 Enlightened Insignia Slot and 1 Universal Slot)
    Anniversary Rare Companion Crate – Choice of Xuna or Makos companion
    Coalescent Ward
    Title “The Jubilant”
    Legendary Dragon Key x20
    Companion Helper Pack

    So it’s also wise to use a character that not only can make use of the BtA equipment, but also does not have Max personal bank slots?

    So, this year, only one, single character can do the Jubilee quests? It’s not worth trying on two or more, as a 2nd, 3rd etc character cannot even get the quests from Elminster?

    So follow that Travelling Merchant?


  • June 14, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    Oh, and also one that can make use of the 10 Power Points?

    Cheers, I don’t want to screw this up!

    • June 14, 2018 at 3:10 pm

      According to the official forums most of the rewards are BtA, so the power points and bank slots should be transferable after you turn in your coin.

      I do think that the transmutes and armor will be tied to the class, so that’s a bummer. And the companion upgrade tokens until Mod14 brings them into the shared bank.

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