Foundry no Longer Listed as Game Feature on ARC Website

Players who still had hope that the foundry would eventually make a comeback in the game currently have to deal with another disappointment. Yesterday beckylunatic shared that the foundry has been removed from the game’s features on the ARC website. The change has been made at some point in May, the last capture with the foundry still listed dates from May 16th. The current version only advertises free-2-play, action combat and the D&D experience.

It more and more seems the shutdown of the feature is only missing an official announcement. We already ripped the foundry in February when the devs stated that there wouldn’t be any updates throughout the year. And now it feels more unlikely than ever, albeit not impossible, that Cryptic will continue developing what was once supposed to be a main feature of the title.

The improbability that the console ports will ever have a place for foundry quests is not helping at all. The devs are actively pushing the console market, which makes it incredibly hard to allocate someone to a PC only feature. The D&D franchise meanwhile has another UGC title in Sword Coast Legends, soon to be available on consoles as well.

The foundry is basically down since the launch of Maze Engine in March and it can be questioned whether it will ever come up again. If the indications prove true, it should be considered one of the game’s major failures to deliver.


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