Help Support the Community Driven Bug Tracker

On a day where we’ve already discussed the toxic mentality of the gamer culture, we offer a chance to give back to the community! A couple Uncensored regulars have set up a community bug tracker that we’d like to give a shout-out! To quote one of the original creators:

[su_quote url=””]As an attampt to facilitate and promote better communication and easier bug reporting, and hopefully easier to reproduce reports, and less double reports, for some time there is a small initiative to gather at least some of the bug reports into a more centralized and more accessible form. For that we have gathered those into a Trello board.[/su_quote]

What’s the Purpose?

You might ask yourself what such a project is able to achieve, especially since the devs run an own bug tracker already. First of all, centralization is never bad. Ideally, the community tracker becomes the hub to look up whether a certain bug has already been posted and/or acknowledged. This also makes referring to existing bugs easier. A full-blown bug tracker is simply better for that than a forum software, especially Vanilla…

On top of that, the players can help out the community team a bit. Devs browse the forum themselves, but are dependent on Julia and company to relay important stuff. Unfortunately the Community Manager has a lot of tasks and can’t lurk the forum all day. Bottom line: Some stuff might get missed and here is where the players could jump in, monitor the bug forum, and feed the tracker.

Community Team Could Use a Helping Hand

It wouldn’t be the first time players try to fill a void. PWE themselves tried a “class feedback reporter” system a couple years ago. Certain players were voted by the community to collect and submit class specific feedback on a weekly basis. It unfortunately didn’t go too well, but nonetheless shows the community team could use a helping hand. So if you’re interested in feeding the tracker, follow the instructions in the thread and, well, start posting bugs!

We think this is a great idea! We’d like to thank the individuals for setting this up and trying their luck with the project!

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