Jubilee Troubles Leads to Downtime, Extended Event

The celebrations of Neverwinter’s 5-year anniversary is in full swing for most players, but there are two major issues that Lord Neverember (with a little help of the devs) hopes to resolve with an emergency closure of Protector’s Enclave today.

Issues Completing “It’s a Celebration” Quest

First of all the newly introduced gift mechanic that requires players to complete a simply daily quest isn’t working for everyone. It’s annoying because the rewards are a major part of the Jubilee this year. It explains why the devs come in on a Saturday and will run an emergency maintenance on 8 AM Pacific (When is this for me?). For affected adventurers the quest chain will completely reset and they’ll have to start over. To not miss out on any rewards the event will be extended. The new end date is now Saturday, June 23 at 7:30am Pacific.

Foreign Merchant Troubles

Still unconfirmed is whether the Foreign Merchant troubles will also get resolved with the maintenance. It seems like the merchants in the adventure areas eventually get stuck because they don’t properly reset once they reach the end of their path. Over the course of a day, all instances gradually bug out, making the Stronghold map the only reliable way to get Bountys. Occasionally an instance starts working again, but it’s not really reliable and finding a merchant can be quite a pain. We definitely hope this is included in the fix!

*** UPDATE *** Apparently the a Foreign Merchant fix won’t make it in time for this year’s Jubilee.

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5 thoughts on “Jubilee Troubles Leads to Downtime, Extended Event

  • June 16, 2018 at 9:14 am

    Hang on – Reset and start over?

    Will I lose the coins and boxes I already got?


  • June 16, 2018 at 11:16 am

    I still have my Coins and boxes, so not all bad.

    The only pace where the Foreign Merchant respawned for me yesterday was Whispering Caverns Instance #6. I just hopped to a low population instance after waiting with a dozen people for about 10 minutes with nothing happening. Within 2 minutes of me announcing #6, the place was maxed out while loads more players begged for invites.

    Most players don’t seem to know that there’s a free Refiner’s Pack & Rank 14 Enchant hidden on the Zen Market under REFINEMENT. Most don’t even know and many who do seem to think they need to get 5 Anniversary Coins to claim them. Even after reading Necrocystic’s official Event Blog and the forum thread it was not clear. I suppose most player’s don’t read official announcements and rely on asking in Zone, but no wonder they are called Cryptic.

    Also, there seem to be some oddities with the 40% Sale, with extra, hidden discounts on some items.

    * Personal Bank Slots are 300 Zen for 16 (50% Off)
    * Shared Bank Slots are 300 Zen for 8 (about 57% Off)
    * Character Slots are 150 Zen for 2 (70% Off)
    * Race Re-Roll Tokens are 450 Zen (70% Off)

    Not sure about other things as I don’t know the normal (overblown) price of some things. A friend of mine got a 100% Off a Companion voucher, though.

    With the Character slots and Race Re-Roll, they seem to have made it half price and then taken another 40% off that, as they are usually 500 and 1500 Zen (unless they reduced the price recently).

    So I got three race Re-Rolls for less than the normal price of one, as 450 Zen is a reasonable price. I was going to get some in the expected 50% Off Summer Sale anyway, at 750 Zen. So Good Deal!

    On the first day of the Jubilee, I am SURE there were some fashion items in the Zen Market. Not many, just Courtesan’s, Wedding Attire and a few others. But they were gone on day 2. Unless I was having a very vivid dream…



    • June 18, 2018 at 12:21 am

      They did indeed change prices for the items and services you speak of:


      As for the merchant bug, is it possible for the guy to get stuck, when the player calling him is not there any longer when the merchant waves goodbye at the final drop point? Because we did indeed manage to bug out the guild merchant yesterday after like 20 successful runs the only thing that changed was that one guild mate had to leave – so he used his [Protection Orders] to start the merchant for us and went offline. The full run was fine but the merchant didn’t reset / respawn afterwards :/

  • June 18, 2018 at 5:40 am

    Ah, thanks, Kleiner-Yoda, I missed that announcement. 750 Zen is much more reasonable for a race-re-roll.

    I still won’t be doing my Mod 2 Halflings, though, as they are far too cute to turn into Fugly Goblins! It would be like killing them!

    Shame about my starting rolls, though…


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