Many-Starred Lockbox Preview

After bringing you a general post about the storyline in Neverwinter’s Module 11: The Cloacked Ascendancy on Tuesday, we want to turn our attention to the new lockbox that is going to get introduced with the update on Feb 21st. The lockbox itself is not yet unlocked on the preview, but its rare packs are available through the Resurgence Lockbox. As you might now Resurgence is getting an update every module lately. The legendary and epic packs will now contain all items up to Module 9: Maze Engine and the rare packs of the Many-Starred Lockbox were added. So we copied over some Resurgence Lockboxes and opened them to get a peek at some of the brand-new stuff.

Before we start however, here is some info on older lockboxes. The Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant will receive an update and both the Manticore Companion as well as the Eye of the Giant Artifact will be available at green rarity.

Pics and Percentages!

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First let’s quickly talk some drop chances here. Out of 1,500 boxes, we got six rares ones. That’s slightly under the 0.5% drop rate, but not an unusual deviation in such a small sample. The Enchantment and Artifact Equipment drop slightly more often than Mounts, Artifact and Companions Packs and the Fashion Pack is the rarest of all of them.

Abolethic Mount Pack

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The Insignias that drop from the Mount Pack are those classified by two30 as “A” type in this thread. The rate of both Mount and epic prizes is actually pretty decent. About 15% of the packs returned an epic reward, which means the included mounts will probably be available for some reasonable ADs.

Ascendant Fashion Pack

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The Fashion Pack contains five new fashion sets. All of them are blue quality, but not evenly distributed. The Earth, Fire and Water sets dropped considerably more than the other two.

Other Packs

The other packs are pretty standard. We were a bit disappointed about the drop rate of epic prizes out of the Companions one, but it should still be enough to drop them considerably in price. The Enchantment Pack contains Flaming, which could be one of the stronger DPS Enchantments in Module 11 due to the changes. The Artifact and Artifact Equipment Packs will probably turn out to be the least valuable drops again. The included Artifacts are nice however and players should be able to find use for them.

Epic and Legendary Rewards

Because the Lockbox is not yet available, we can’t provide screenshots for the epic and legendary rewards yet. But the items are already included in the collection on preview and the tooltips are available in our item database. They were also mentioned in our datamining post from two weeks ago.

That’s our preview of the upcoming Many-Starred Lockbox! Do you like the rewards? Share your thoughts in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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