Maze Engine Datamining Update: Portobello And More

Our supporters are continuously working behind the scenes to dig up stuff hidden in the game files and we believe we have a good bunch of new information that’s worth sharing.

Acquisitions Incorporated
Acquisitions Incorporated

First of all we believe that the update of the fan-favorite Respen’s Marvelous Game might make the original event part of a bigger one called Portobello’s Game-Hall. The most recent dev blog contained a reference to a certain company that they want to bring to the game and our users have connected Portobello to Acquisitions Incorporated, a successful live RPG podcast. The game files include references to game master Chris Perkins, so Respen might have handed duties over and players will have to deal with the good news bad news puns of a new head. In their Underdark themed episode at PAX Prime 2015, Perkins dressed up as Portobello DaVinci, the myconid king and a regular fun guy.

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Portobello will become the third big seasonal and timing-wise it makes sense to introduce it in April, the date Respen’s Game did originally appear for the first time. As month-long event it would perfectly align with the Midsummer Festival (August) and Winter Event (December). The sneak peak screenshots also hinted that the event will feature an independent time-limited campaign, in which you probably progress by completing event-specific tasks.

Beholder Personal Tank Mount
Beholder Personal Tank Mount

We found four event queues tied to Portobello: Beholder Tank Shop, The Burrow Dawn Inn, A Rock Falls and Trial of Traps. The last one seems to be a time-trial race, the Burrow Dawn Inn is another location of one of Chris Perkins adventures and the name of the first one indicates the new Beholder Tank might be one of the rewards. Our guys believe that the legendary Beholder becoming a ZEN market mount is a popular misconception fueled by wrong collections on preview. Other rewards that could be tied to Portobello are a Watler and a Staldorf companion. Watler’s active bonus doubles the amount of Adventuring Accreditation, the event currency, gained from Portobello’s Campaign. Staldorf adds Combat Advantage Damage like the Blink Dog or Intellect Devourer. There also seems to be another direct damage device called Owlbear Statue, which should work like the Doohickey.

We also found strings hinting at a sports upgrade to the Summer Festival: Sahha, which looks to be a Volleyball like event. There are also limited strings hinting at PVP soccer, but at this point there is not enough evidence, most namely a new map, that would really warrant getting too excited.

Last but not least, we have the contents of the lockbox that will probably launch with the Maze Engine. Specifics are unavailable to us right now and will be added as we find them, but the names indicate purple Insignia will be dropping from the lockbox as well as the legendary version of the Trade Bar Griffon.

[su_box title=”Shaundakul Lockbox contents” radius=”0″]Lockbox_Shaundakul_Armored_Griffon_Mount_Pack_Legendary Lockbox_Shaundakul_Insignia_Pack_Epic_Crescent Lockbox_Shaundakul_Insignia_Pack_Epic_Regal Lockbox_Shaundakul_Insignia_Pack_Epic_Barbed Lockbox_Shaundakul_Insignia_Pack_Epic_Illuminated Lockbox_Shaundakul_Insignia_Pack_Epic_Enlightened Lockbox_Shaundakul_Insignia_Pack_Rare_Mount_Pack Lockbox_Shaundakul_Artifact_Weapon_Pack Lockbox_Shaundakul_Artifact_Pack Lockbox_Shaundakul_Enchant_Pack Lockbox_Shaundakul_Companion_Augmentation_Pack Lockbox_Shaundakul_Professions_Pack Lockbox_Darkforest_Tradebar_Jackpot[/su_box]

We hope you liked our little datamining update and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below or in the corresponding forum thread.


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3 thoughts on “Maze Engine Datamining Update: Portobello And More

  • March 8, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    interesting, hopefully it will be fun, it will be obviously a pay to win event and grind, but if it is at least fun, i may take part

  • March 30, 2016 at 1:20 am

    Any updates about the mount? I’ve seen it was changed to Bind on Pickup, what are the odds to it really be a zen market mount, just like the shadow wolf(epic) – which is buyable only on he event?

    • March 30, 2016 at 6:42 am

      As of right now, we do not have any additional information. Sorry!

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