Medallion Earn Rate Nerfed in Call-To-Arms Event?

Well, this can probably be filed under “it was fun while it lasted”. With this weekend’s edition of the Call-to-Arms skirmish queue, the drop rates of Medallion of Battle apparently have been heavily nerfed. Two weeks ago you could still earn several hundred per run, this week players once again have trouble cracking 30. It’s such a significant change that you have to believe it’s intentional and not some weird mood of the RNG. It’s especially annoying since it’s an undocumented change, at least we haven’t caught anything about changed drop rates in CtAs.

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Medallions No Longer Rain

That being said, it might actually be a fix rather than a nerf. The high drop rate of medallions might have been an unintended side effect of queue changes. With the ability to queue into content solo, players quickly realized that much more medallions would drop when they ran the skirmishes alone. For Gate Crashers it was 300 per run, Pit Fight netted slightly over 200. The reason was that each and every mob dropped medallions that were evenly distributed between all party members. Running alone you obviously didn’t have to share anything. On top of that, CtAs are super easy on endgame characters, which means you normally don’t even lose any time outside a full party.

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Completely New Drop Mechanic?

The drop mechanic was apparently completely changed to no longer unintentionally benefit the solo queues. Instead of each mob dropping medallions, now all mobs seem to have a chance to drop five. There might also be a small cooldown involved, because players even report that some runs don’t drop any medallions at all outside the end chest. Whatever the case, the medallions per run are noticeably down.

This effectively means the Call-to-Arms format can be safely ignored again. Without the ability to amass a sizeable amount of medallions, it’s no viable farm location. You can still grind your way to the transmutes and dyes, but please do not touch the Refiner’s Cache. It’s not worth the effort!

Have you noticed any change of drop rates? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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