Module 11 Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide

The Module 11 Artifact Weapons were a welcomed addition to the game. Not as great as Relic ones, they use the old marks in the upgrade process and come with a variety of set bonuses. Players widely see them as alt and lowbie friendly alternative to Storm Kings Thunder, because nothing is gated behind endgame content. There’s still some grind attached to the restoration process though, so let’s go through the needed mats and see how you can get them. In case you want a preview of the set bonuses and the classes they might fit best, browse here.

Material List

After buying the weapons from the campaign store, the full material list for both the Main and the Off-Hand reads as follows:


Amount Mirage Lifeforged Fey Aboleth
35  Fleece  Constructed Iron  Petrified Dust  Tainted Soil
50  Ground Jade  Spell Amber  Vial of Fey Blood  Volatile Ichor


Abandoned Treasures

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Treasures come from virtually everywhere. The Treasure Hunt, Heroic Encounters, the “Secure the District” campaign task, demiplane instances, Illusionist’s Gambit skirmish and Master Spellplague Caverns. By just running the campaign you should be able to amass more than enough Treasures over time to restore your weapons of choice.

If you have to, running gold completions of the skirmish probably is the best way to farm them albeit many players seem to favor just zerging the “Ship” Heroic Encounter. The bottleneck of the weapon restoration however is located elsewhere anyway.

Bound purple mats

Each weapon type features 35 character bound purple resources. For Mirage you need to farm the Illusionist’s Gambit skirmish, for other sets the corresponding demiplanes. There is no RNG involved, you get a resource on every completion, making these very reasonable to farm. The easiest way to get Portal Stones by the way is the “Resist the Rituals” campaign task. Just clear one of the ritual HEs and spend your Reclaimed Magic to delay the next ritual. Depending on how many Magic you have, you are able to generate a ton of Portal Stones at once.

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Unbound purple mats

There is a second category of unbound purple resources. You need slightly more of them, but they drop all over the Dig Sites and are cheap on the Auction House.

Arcanic Focus

Character bound Arcanic Focus seems to be the equivalent to Reclaimed Runes. In SoMI you would get three per day from the dailies and needed 60. The total number has been upped to 85 for Ascended and you only get two each day, five from the weekly. You can also get them from Dig Sites, but they rarely drop there. In any case you will eventually get there and probably won’t have to specifically target these.

Arcane Magical Writings

These are a bit of a pain to farm. They rarely drop from Dig Sites and Heroic Encounters, making the “Secure the District” task the best option you have. But good luck finding Guard Posts to upgrade very crowded instances right after the release. What Writings have going for themselves though is the fact that they are unbound, so you can buy yourself out of the mess. Currently it’s quite an AD investment to get 105, but just like Dragon Turtle Moult they are bound to get cheaper over time.

Long story short: The required materials are largely a non-issue with the exception of Arcane Magical Writings. If the weapons are your main focus in the module, you are going to need to farm plenty Guard Posts, Heroic Encounters and then some more. This might even make the Ascended weapons a bit harder to obtain and restore than Relics. Don’t forget however that the upgrade process to legendary is much easier, making this a fair trade-off in my opinion.

What is your opinion on the Module 11 Artifact Weapons? Will you get them or dodge the grind? Share your thoughts in the comment below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board.

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