All You Need to Know About the Portobello Campaign

Please note: For the Day of the Dungeon Master event there’s a more extensive and up-to-date guide available here. Make sure to check it out. This write-up is still useful though and contains the most important information.

The Day of the Dungeon Master is coming to consoles today and we’ve got you covered with all the info you need! The event originally started as Respen’s Marvelous Game on PC. Players suddenly found themselves in the unusual role of a miniature statuette! Respen could be best described as fun-focused Call-to-Arms event type. You run two different quick maps and the end chest features a chance of a Green Slime Companion, Pewter Golem and Adorable Pocket Pet. Additionally you acquire tokens for the event store that features unique buff food and bound versions of the companions and pocket pet.

From Respen to Portobello

Portobello Campaign UI

Later the event was extended with the Portobello campaign and both currently run as the “Day of the Dungeon Master”. Portobello takes place at a new map and runs for a full month. You will be tested as adventurer by four different trials. They will come as event queues and a new one will be unlocked every week. These trials are also quick completions and mostly grant the Adventuring Accreditation you need to progress through the campaign.

There are four tasks in the campaign and just like the trials they are unlocked successively. In the first week you can only advance to the first task, second week second task etc. Next to some gimmicks and fashion you can grab Staldorf and an Apocalypse Dagger.

It’s fun first

This event first and foremost is fun and visually appealing. If you like D&D and Acquisitions Incorporated ring a bell, than this one is for you! The theme is fantastic and the event maps don’t get boring as fast as others. They are rich of details and it’s worth looking around. Additionally they feature some cool mechanics that you can’t see elsewhere. Have you ever run away from a dice? You will!

Behold the Beholder!

Unfortunately there’s a downside and it comes in mechanical shape. The big reward of the whole thing is a Beholder Personal Tank. It can drop from the second trial that’s going to unlock in week two of the event. As you might know from the Summer Festival Raffles, legendaries don’t drop like candy. So gunning for the Mount can be exhausting and there’s a decent chance that, even farming your ass off, you’ll not see one. That’s why our earlier review concluded it’s not worth the effort.

If you’re not solely behind rewards, this event can absolutely blow you away with the amount of cuteness. Just don’t let the hunt for a Beholder kill all the fun! In case you don’t mind to spoil yourself, here are our reviews of the event maps. It should also be noted that this article is based on info from the PC version. There might be changes to the event structure or rewards on console.

In case you have any further question or remarks, post them in the comments below or in the corresponding thread on our message board! Have fun with Portobello da Vinci!

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4 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About the Portobello Campaign

  • September 1, 2016 at 7:37 am

    Sadly in a few months the campaign companion, will also be worthless, as they change combat advantage around.

    Overall the campaign is more or less worthless to do, however it is fun, I suggest people play through it a bit just to see all the different aspects.

    Also the pocket pet, is not at bad thing, still the top prize outside of random rng of the legendary mount.

    The mount was turned on btw.. after the second instance time was up, so you had to go back into it afterwards to get it, this way it limited the amount of people who could win it, do not know if they will do that again.

    Overall.. I say play a bit , dont worry about finishing it(unless you are one of those people anyways) there is really no rewards in this worth worrying about.

  • September 1, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    The mount was turned on btw.. after the second instance time was up, so you had to go back into it afterwards to get it, this way it limited the amount of people who could win it, do not know if they will do that again.

    Does this mean run two instances then leave the inn and return? Could you please help me understand a little better what this is referring to? Thank you! 🙂

  • May 11, 2017 at 4:36 am

    I have been completing the dungeon on a daily basis and have 91 Adventuring Accreditations and 12 Credit notes. The weekly limit is 100 however I cannot earn any more until the new week starts (hence the credit notes). Does this mean I will not make 400 AA’s by the end of 4 weeks now. Cannot see the point of continuing this path if I cannot?

  • November 7, 2017 at 7:20 am

    Well You have a right to your opinion but honestly I love the Apocalypses Dagger. It summons Flaming Rocks from the ground and despite the warning that “Damage Values are not guaranteed” more times then not it will do the “Total” that it says it will and then a bit more. The amount of damage it does per an enemy (from my personal experience) is more then any other artifact that I’ve had. Please take it my artifact experience is pretty limited, Sigil of the Trickster, Sigil of the Paladin of the warlock as well as the Lathendar set the Catalog (book that summons the Merchant), the Waters (the vial that summons does an instant heal), the lantern (which I honestly don’t remember what it does)… My point is it’s a lot better then all of those and you have to wait At Least 20 Levels to get your first and Level 60 to get the second of these, whereas it takes about 3 or 4 weeks to get the Dagger and nowhere near the time commitment.

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