Neverwinter Community Watch

The Community Watch is a recurring format on the weekends that summarizes interesting stories, forum posts, links and news in the Neverwinterverse that are worth reporting, but don’t warrant a full own post.

Here’s what happened during the last week:

  • Arcgames blogged about the Guardian Fighter balancing changes, the new campaign and the creation of the Bryn Shander zone. Storm Kings Thunder will launch on August 16th.
  • Some players are advising to take the nerfs not too seriously. Life goes one, ya’ll.
  • Youtuber Garlaanx uploaded a massive guide on what to buy, sell and keep for Playstation 4 players.
  • FNHUSA57 also has an economical explanation up.
  • Meanwhile CptnSpicyPants talks about professions.
  • A few hours remain for Italien, France and German players to win ten bucks and a VIP subscription on PS4 from Paysafecard.
  • There have also been a few launch promotions for the Gelatinous Cube Companion on PS4. Unfortunately most are closed by now and this one ends today.
  • Don’t forget you can claim a free Electric Tiger Mount on PS4.
  • Free stuff is great, but some PS4 player started to realize this game also has some paywalls.
  • And you can bet goldsellers are a problem on the new platform as well.
  • The best time to settle for a guild on PS4 is probably now. Requests are everywhere and as long as Strongholds are a non-factor, the requirements even for elite guilds are low.
  • Some guilds are also expanding from other platforms to PS4, so you can profit from very experienced players.
  • Still bunches of threads with very basic questions on the PWE platforms from new PS4 players. Get involved and help the newbies.
  • Someone accidentally lost a ton of Strongboxes of Influence. Ouch.
  • While PC and Xbox are still waiting for it, PS4 already has the Devoted Cleric Booster Pack.
  • A hot topic from the preview server emerged surrounding invoking changes, which no longer grant rough ADs directly.
  • Looks like expired auctions are stuck on PS4 as well. And unlike the PC version it doesn’t have the gateway as workaround…


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One thought on “Neverwinter Community Watch

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    July 25, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    I feel so honored, to have 2 of my Reddit posts mentioned in the same week!


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