Neverwinter Community Watch

The Community Watch is a recurring format on the weekends that summarizes interesting stories, forum posts, links and news in the Neverwinterverse that are worth reporting, but don’t warrant a full own post.

Here’s what happened during the last week:

  • It’s not as much common knowledge, but basic Artifacts can actually drop in any dungeon. Proof.
  • Just like last time the Solo PVP Queue is receiving a warm welcome.
  • A player on the subreddit shared a rather weird and unique bug that has slowly made his mailbox unusable.
  • The arcgames forum introduced new facebook-like reactions!


  • The latest content update Sea of Moving Ice went live on Tuesday.
  • Of course most of the talk on the message platforms is about SoMI. One player apparently hoped for another type of update though.
  • Our comment on grind has also been reposted and discussed on arcgames.
  • There are already quite a few guides and maps out there and guild Ember Legion adds their version of the fishing spots.
  • In three videos Russian player TreUp TV shows the locations of the Treasure Hunt. We haven’t checked though if all are included. You can also get the spots here.
  • In case you run into problems completing the “Recasting Alarms” daily quest the Greycloaks have a solution.
  • Inventory space has always been an issue and Fish most certainly does escalate it.
  • The wiki is slowly updating with the latest stuff as well. User Hawchang added the latest lockbox and corresponding items and Zydrune‎ shared the locations of Scyring Stones.
  • Both Pallys and Scourges are trying to figure out ways to perform post-nerf.
  • Good news for HRs though: The “nerf” to Plant Growth is actually a bug.
  • Also a bug is a weird screen shake while fishing. An emergency maintenance tried to take care of the problem, but failed.


These are our community updates for this week! In case you run a blog or channel or found a resource that frequently updates with new content about the game, don’t hesitate and contact us so we can monitor the site.


We are always looking for people that contribute to this blog. For more information contact us via or check the forum.

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