Neverwinter DevTracker Now Added to Blog Layout; Operates Under a New Twitter Handle

As you might know Uncensored operates a very basic developer tracker for the Arcgames message board. It tracks and archives all dev posts and automatically streams updates to a corresponding Twitter account. If you were following that account you probably noticed that the service stopped a few days ago. That’s because the new GDPR privacy guidelines in the EU requires consent to processing certain data. Since @NWO_DevTracker is a brand account, we just entered a random date of birth at registration. Turns out that this is an issue now, as the account was flagged as “under 13” and got locked because it’s too young to consent to the GDPR adjusted Twitter policies. We since tried to submit the necessary paperwork, but it’s taking a while.

That’s why we decided to simply move the service to a different account. It wasn’t too popular anyway and shouldn’t affect too many users. If you were following the old Twitter DevTracker thought, make sure to move on to the new account now.

We also took the chance and integrated the dev tracker into the blog’s layout. Unblogged is our major landing page and we like having all relevant information available there. That’s why the latest dev posts now rotate under the featured posts slider on the main blog page. We hope this makes the feature more prominent and accessible. Have fun with it!

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  • June 2, 2018 at 9:39 am

    This is why 99+% of Steam users get a “happy birthday” message on Jan 1.

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