Neverwinter Ring Guide for Module 13

As part of our basic gear guides for beginners, we go through your options for Ring Slots in this article. Rings in Neverwinter currently serve a double-purpose as they decorate both characters and their pets. The reason is simply availability. Since there is a lot more variety compared to other companion gear, pets with Ring Slot are that much easier to equip. That’s why this piece can be seen as natural extension to our guide about companion gear. Where it makes sense we discuss the viability of certain Ring options for pets in this one as well. So let’s see what type of Rings the game currently offers!

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Everything with Only One Enchantment Slot

This is just to inform you that anything without two enchantment slots can be safely salvaged. It’s so easy to get a double-slotted Ring of some variety that it doesn’t make sense to settle for something lesser at any point.

Ostorian Rings

  • Item Level: 420/435
  • Example:  Ostorian Ring of Dod
  • PRO: Cheap and easy to get; good starter package; unique stat combinations
  • CON: Double off/def slots only at legendary rank; low item level

If you’re looking to start off a character, the Ostorian Rings from Module 10 are the way to go. Available for Seal of the Protector, they are really easy and cheap to obtain, and a mixed off/def slot makes sure they are somewhat viable to all characters. Additionally Ostorian Rings feature some unique stat combination that might even be technically “best-in-slot” in some cases. Most alternate and casual characters should already be sufficiently geared with them. Endgame toons however have access to higher item levels and double off/def slots for min/maxing at lower levels than legendary.

Underdark Rings

  • Item Level: 426/435
  • Example:  Ring of Rising Defense +4
  • PRO: Good starter package; easy to get into the content that drops them; proc grant more stats than higher item levels
  • CON: Double off/def slots only at legendary rank; random drops; unreliable procs; can’t be used on companions

Another easy way of getting a solid starting kit is running Underdark and Maze Engine content. It drops a wide range of Rings with unique procs that can outperform other Rings with higher item levels. The Ring of Rising Defense +4 for example grants 1150 stats at max rank, which roughly equates item level 465. Many players do not like the unreliable nature of the procs, but if you really only need one particular stat, Underdark Rings can still make sense.

While it’s easy to get into Underdark content to farm for these, it can get quite annoying in case you’re gunning for a particular one. Castle Never, Demogorgon and the skirmishes drop a wide range of different Rings, and some of them are completely useless. It means you have to pray to RNGesus to deliver what you need, and most of the time it probably makes sense to do other stuff instead. Additionally just like the Ostorian Rings, Underdark ones feature double off/def slots not before legendary quality.

The procs by the way do not work on companions. So these Rings don’t make sense on pets.

Masterwork III Rings

  • Item Level: 480
  • Example:  Rubellite Assault Ring
  • PRO: Endgame viable; available instantly on the Auction House
  • CON: Requires Mastercrafting; no double off/def slots; limited defensive options

Masterwork III Recipes technically got outdated with the update in Omu, but at item level 480 they are still viable and nowadays sort of the “budget” version of Masterwork Rings. Their biggest weakness is the lack of double off/def slots, but if your build can live with or even favors a healthy mix of offense and defense, it probably makes sense to hit the Auction House as those could be comparably cheap right now.

Tomb of Annihilation (Module 12) Campaign and Dungeon Rings

  • Item Level: 420-500
  • Example:  Primal Restoration Ring
  • PRO: Endgame viable; easy to get; additional procs; two enchantment slots already at very low item levels
  • CON: No double off/def slots; procs do not work on companions; need to be able to run hard content for best item levels

The main advantage of Module 12 Rings are that their lowest ranks already come with two enchantment slots. For the most basic campaign currency in Chult, or for little AD, you can get decent gear. While the procs do not work on pets, the amount of stats still make the Rings a very viable option for companions. If you’re able to reliably beat the Tomb of the Nine Gods, getting the higher item levels isn’t that much of a hassle as well. In case you don’t, other options should be easier to obtain though.

Tomb of Annihilation Hunt Rings

  • Item Level: 420-510
  • Example:  Ring of the Goblin Slayer +4
  • PRO: Endgame viable to “bis”; farmable for everyone; additional bonuses against certain mob types; two enchantment slots already at very low item levels
  • CON: No double off/def slots until legendary; procs do not work on companions; Hunts farming can get annoying

Speaking of other options, here you go. The Rings from ToA Hunts are available to everyone that can access Chult. Just like all Module 12 Rings, these feature two slots already at blue ranks, but double off/def slots not before legendary. So what endgame characters probably want is the orange version, and those are tough to farm. You need to go after Hunts over and over again, and even getting a +4 can turn out really annoying. If you’re thinking about going for Mod 12 Hunts stuff, make sure it’s absolutely the best option and worth the grind.

Lost City of Omu Rings

The reason why you should closely check other options are the Module 13 additions. They are once again obtainable through Hunts and farming the zone / campaign, have the same item levels, but feature a main difference. Other than Module 12 Rings, the Omu ones do not hold two slots at +1 through +3 ranks, but double off/def slots already starting at +4. So if you’re looking for double slots, farming Omu probably makes more sense than Soshenstar River. Additionally some procs on top of great item levels make some of the options hard to beat, especially the Ring of the Gravestriker +4, which looks to be the perfect fit for DPS toons and their companions.

Masterwork V Rings

  • Item Level: 510
  • Example:  Beaded Assault Ring
  • PRO: Endgame viable to “bis”; great offensive combinations
  • CON: Requires Mastercrafting; limited defensive options; expensive

The latest Masterwork recipes of Module 13 offer the Rings with the highest available item level. You don’t have to pay a fortune for them, but they’re still expensive and you obviously either need access to Masterworks yourself or get the Rings on the Auction House. Additionally the Masterwork Rings do not offer that much variety for defensive minded and support toons. The only available one, the Lichstone Ward Ring, can’t even be used on Bonding Companions since those do not transfer the Hit Points.

That’s our guide to Neverwinter’s Ring options in Module 13. Did we miss anything? Do you have further questions? Share them on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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