Neverwinter Third Party Sales Data

The devs are very active in trying to get those third-party sellers, and their buyers, punished. The latest ban-wave happened on January 29th on Xbox and more players have reportedly been banned for allegedly buying AD since then. There is pretty much only one good way for sellers to transfer the Astral Diamonds to their buyers and that’s buying out auctions. Those auctions follow a certain pattern. The buyer posts an item for the amount of ADs purchased that’s widely available and cheap and the seller buys out the auction. The best known one is probably the Portable Altar. The buyout price can includes the AH fees depending on whether the seller covers them or not.

We have used our auction house data to compile a list of suspicious auctions. This can be players buying from third parties or, albeit less likely, transferring currency between multiple accounts. There are also very legit explanations of players posting unlikely high prices for items that normally go for pennies. As always treat the list as data, not accusations.

The final list from the last 30 days includes 306 handles and is available here.

The table below shows 31 handles that posted at least 10 auctions worth 10,000,000 AD or more for a grand total of 615,253,314 AD.

@handle Value Amount
anilabroke 18600000 15
arec#5749 30240000 27
chimens 35555552 12
fornarino93 11111110 10
gbf96 11200000 10
ghostive 15440000 14
guidodirado#8476 11000000 10
hardcoreflexin 11000000 10
huns131313 33333330 30
kaioion 11080000 10
larryhalligan 23100000 16
lentorz90#5469 11111110 10
marclombras 17777776 16
maxthakilla 11000000 10
mewmewpoop 29700000 11
Mhorlok_01 13200000 12
michaelrn1982 18700000 17
nytja 21111109 19
rockystefan16 40000000 20
sale123#5243 16500000 15
shallisar 13333332 12
solid53 11111110 10
stricklygreen56 12100000 11
surawhite80 12100000 11
tranan2012 59400000 36
vegazoides1 25511109 20
vyerna#6781 13440000 12
warthog224 34720000 31
wy7k 11000000 10
zephon91 14000000 14
zoolouh 17777776 16
SUM col-sum col-sum


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3 thoughts on “Neverwinter Third Party Sales Data

  • April 30, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    why is this an issue. unless you’re some unemployed person (student) you dont have the time to grind and play the same shit all over and over daily, we need to buy AD just to move forward. let cryptic sell ad then

  • May 7, 2016 at 6:27 am

    This list is wrong you can check my account and characters ı saw my handle 3rd place in this list how can it be pls explain me

    • May 7, 2016 at 6:55 am

      The explanation is in the post. All accounts have posted junk items for extremely high amounts and specific values that could indicate a transaction with a gold seller. We do not judge however, we just present data.

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