Neverwinter Weekender: Holiday Event Schedule and Winter Festival Advanced Tips

weekenderlogoThe Neverwinter Weekender is our brand-new weekly column that contains everything you need to know to have some fun along the Sword Coast on the weekends! We’ll inform you guys about the events across all platforms, preview and review them as well as hand out some tips and guides. This is the perfect spot to start off your adventures!

Parcel fix just in!

First and foremost, let’s thank Cryptic for fixing the Starlight Bags before the Holiday Closure. Not only is the promptness impressive, but they are actually correcting a rather minor bug.

[su_quote cite=”asterdahl” url=”″]This is correct, essentially, the issue with the starlight parcels only affected the line “rare equipment.” Any time you only received two items from a parcel, the third item that you should have received was an unidentified piece of blue equipment in your level range. With that information hopefully you can rest assured that the bug did not cause you to miss out on a Forgehammer of Gond. Starlight bags don’t actually have a chance to give “rare equipment” and this line is not present on their tooltip. As such, they were unaffected by the issue. [/su_quote]

It’s a ton of effort put into missing rare items to be honest. Miasmat is even working overnight it seems and players are getting extra Gifts although they never missed out on any major rewards. We think this should be considered more of a Christmas present from the studio than a necessary fix.

Thanksgiving Reloaded!

Holiday is always a great opportunity to spend some time in the game and this year is no exception. The event and gift schedule contains all the Double Events you need. Enchantments, Stronghold Shards, Influence, Refinement and don’t forget Guild Marks and Professions is currently running as well. In terms of events this makes the Holiday even better than the Thanksgiving Frenzy. The lack of a substantial sale is a little downer though and the ZEN exchange has promptly plummeted over the last 24-48 hours.

The free items are nice, but not major any longer. They could at least replace the Preservation Wards with a Coalescent Ward or something like that.

Winter Festival Advanced Tips

Twilight Tor is rocking since a week so it’s time to dig a little bit deeper into the festivities! These are just some random notes and in case you have something to add, don’t hesitate to put it in the comments.

Like every year, scamming players in Gift exchanges is some sort of problem. Cryptic implemented the glow around players’ heads to show that they have a Gift of Simril, but it doesn’t help in all situations. Generally it’s always best to start grouping with your friends list or guild/alliance. Even if you can’t get a full group together it’s good to have one or two trustable souls that can go last. Some players might only act fraudulent when given opportunity to drop out once everybody else has shared. As group leader you can also let lowbies or guildless character go first as well as those that are in a guild with questionable reputation. The safest method in a multi Gift group is to share them one by one. That way a scammer can’t steal them all. It takes significantly more time than bulk processing though.

Since Starlight Bags return bound rewards and Parcels do not, a general advice is to get your counter as high as possible by doing Gift exchanges and using the Bags first. Bound companions do contain unbound Lesser Bonding Runestones however that can be sold or passed to another character.

Campaign Fish affected by bait?

The new tokens that you can fish for and exchange for campaign currency might be affected by bait. In limited tries we were able to significantly grab more tokens with a Sabiki Rig than without. It’s not too conclusive for other bait because those don’t last as long. We’d love to hear your opinion and experience on this!

Last but not least we feel Youtuber Minimi has got you covered in terms of how to win the contests! Only note that the Mount speed is completely bugged this year.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” https=”yes”]

We hope you guys will enjoy the holidays with our overview!

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