Neverwinter Year in Review: October, November and December

To start off 2018 we’d like to look back at the last year in Neverwinter. What were the highs, the lows, the disappointments, and the laughs? Join us in our journey through the months using our very own postings, concluding with October, November and December today. Other quarters: January, February and MarchApril, May and June – July, August and September.


October was yet another month in the gaming world in which lootboxes were controversially discussed. In the Neverwinterverse though, a bugfix month made positive headlines. The whole dev team worked on all those nasty little issues and fixed a bunch of them. We were a fan of the idea and even former devs stopped by and cheered at it.

Others were not as convinced though: Mystik went on a Twitter rant about the state of the game and KaliGold sang the same tune while pondering about what he would do as Neverwinter Lead Designer. Oh and talking about streams: Some of the Neverwinter dudes enjoyed their time on TwitchCon.

The community team in the meantime faced more changes. Teddy stepped down as moderator and PWE Community Manager Amanda Kane switched to Razer.

On the site we continued our Swords of Chult countdown and on the 25th the update arrived on PC. The maintenance stream by Julia unfortunately wasn’t exactly a well planned masterpiece. The launch itself then featured annoying bugs of Sandy’s Assault Pants and the Legendary Carpet of Flying.


The issues carried over to November as we exclusively reported an exploit with the first boss in the Tomb. That could be fixed, but Runic Games and Motiga unfortunately couldn’t and got closed down entirely by PWE. The money the publisher saved that way might have been put into compensations that got send out to Neverwinter players for a broken seal discount.

Of course Thanksgiving and Black Friday featured major sales and promotions across all platforms. Although the charge rewards started with a few difficulties, it turned out to be a great week for those that anticipated the event and saved their ZEN.

On Unblogged November was largely a month in which we touched on a variety of topics. From the Winter Festival, Warfronts, over an Insider Program and Random Queues to Movement on gear, a lot of stuff got covered. We also revamped our main menu to prominently feature what our site has to offer.


In December players realized that the Medallion earn rate in CtAs had been nerfed. But can you be mad at devs that run a 24-hour charity stream for ExtraLife? Instead, the rage hit a popular Youtuber trying to charge money for a build.

Before going into the holidays we ranked Neverwinter modules according to Steam numbers, talked about game psychologycommunication, and tried to get Neverwinter to win MMOGames’ F2P title. We also learned that Swords of Chult will hit consoles on January 9th.

This concludes our review of 2017 in the Neverwinterverse. Did we miss anything? Share your memories and additions in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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