Of The Nine Lockbox Preview

We continue our coverage of the upcoming Shroud of Souls update with the “Of The Nine Lockbox” today. Since the Glorious Resurgance Lockbox has been updated with the new boxes on the PTS, we can get a peek at some of the stuff before the lockbox is actually unlocked. The drops are structured similarly to the ones of the Many-Starred Lockbox. There’s a legendary and epic Mount and a new Artifact as major prices. There are some notable changes to the blue drops however. The Fashion Pack is stripped (thank god!), but the replacement is not really that appealing. It’s a Stronghold Pack, which thematically fits the update, but is probably of little use to most as well.

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Pretty standard drop setup

The Enchantment unfortunately features two of the less favorite Enchantments. Lifedrinker and Bloodtheft only have very limited use, some players however like them because of the visuals. Other than that, the lockbox is pretty standard. Worth noting is that the Artifact Equipment Pack contains a new Cloak of the Protector. This neck piece can be combined with any Greater Belt and Cragmire Artifact (Lantern of Revelation, Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue, Waters of Elah’zad) for a minor set bonus. So it’s probably designed to supply alts.

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Furthermore the Mount Pack’s tooltip states that it contains a “Decaying Stag”. The collection on preview however suggests that a “Poisonous Looking Spider” is included. We haven’t actually tested which Mounts drops, but would assume the collection is right. What we can confirm however is that the Insignias included in the pack are those classified by two30 as “B” and “C” types in this thread. With that, all known types of Insignias drop from Many-Starred and Of the Nine. The Insignia Bonuses the three blue Mounts cover are “Magistrate’s Patience”, “Champion’s Return” and “Gladiotor’s Guile”.

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Nostura would be proud

If Nostura wouldn’t have been defeated in the Spellplague Caverns, she would be proud about these grand prizes. Adventurer’s can grab one of two glimmering Stags that have unique textures. Players however will probably not be too pleased with the Equip Power, which features Regeneration. With the Sigil of the Nine players get a nice group utility power that roots a target and enhances damage by 9% at Mythic quality. If we’re not mistaken it’s the only Artifact that directly buffs the groups’ damage. With a defensive stat layout, tanks might want to take a close look here.

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This is what you can expect from the new Of the Nine Lockbox! Do you like what you see or are you disappointed by the contents? Share you thoughts in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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