Preview Watch: Next Quartermaster Nerf, Minor Bugfixes and Improvements Incoming

The first patch after alliances has been uploaded to the public test server yesterday and contains a lot of minor bugfixes and quality of life improvements.

Most namely the Master of the Hunt skirmish is fixed, which recently challenged level 64 adventurers with level 71 mobs. Although some players apparently liked it, it was obviously unintended. Prophecy of Madness also receives an anticipated fix. It was way too hard to land gold in the Underdark skirmish and objectives now grant more progress towards Silver and Gold.

Furthermore the standard need/greed loot threshold is raised to blue. Most endgame players feel annoyed by excessive loot popups and request to leave “trash” on the ground. But since Strongholds green items can be valuable for the Surplus chests and are getting picked up by some regardless. That’s why this is a good move to avoid party drama.

The most impactful change however is another nerf to the Quartermaster’s Enchantment. All loot from it is now bound, bringing the utility enchantment in line with others. For players it takes away a nice source of sellable loot, but if you followed our posts about the enchantment you knew this was a possibility. This obviously hurts grinders and endgame sellers looking for wealth more than those leveling up.

Make sure to head over to the patch thread to get a full list of the changes. It will most likely hit live next Thursday.


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One thought on “Preview Watch: Next Quartermaster Nerf, Minor Bugfixes and Improvements Incoming

  • June 26, 2016 at 5:25 am

    “Seeds for Everyone: Crabs in this quest no longer respawn.”
    How long they fix this? Half year? xD
    Cryptic made this cave legendary for bots…

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