Refining Points Might Become Account Shared Eventually

From a sheer quality of life point of view, the upcoming refining overhaul is already a major upgrade to pretty much everything. Inventory issues, RP matching madness, alt play… You name it! But the devs might not stop there and plan an even bigger improvement in the future. Developer “noworries” hinted at refining points eventually becoming account shared last Thursday!

[su_quote cite=”noworries” url=”″]We certainly had talks about making RP easier to move around alts before putting this system out. The main concern is if there is a bound to character source of RP that could be exploited/farmed in some way. So we decided to proceed with caution at first and let the system play out on live first and then we have no problems revisiting the topic of allowing RP to go into the shared bank to make it easier to move around if it looks safe to do so.[/su_quote]

Account Shared Refining Points

So yeah, account shared refining points are more than a possibility. There’s some room for interpretation, but it certainly sounds like this will get the green light eventually. A system would probably work similar to how you can currently move Gold and Trade Bars around using the account shared bank. Useless to say that this would be another major upgrade in terms of alt viability. It would essentially make all refining stones bind to account, independently from the binding status of the stone itself.

Relic Refining Points

Additionally noworries commented on the status of Relic Weapon RPs under the new system. Pretty much all specific gems and stones grant RP based on their old matching value in the new system. Lesser Resonance Stones for example now give 250 RP (2,500 RP in the old system) for all items, not just Artifact Gear. The one exception are the Relic RPs. Those gave incredible amounts of refining points for Relic Weapons, up to 250,000 per piece. So they had to be adjusted.

[su_quote cite=”noworries” url=”″]Since there is no more matching, the gems from the Sea of Moving Ice had to be adjusted to not destroy the overall RP economy. They were set so high previously since they were just an accelerant for specific items. It is a change that had to happen with this switch over. We do expect overall players will find RP as a whole easier to acquire now, which should help mitigate that change.[/su_quote]

This doesn’t make the refining stones useless by the way, but the adjustment is rather hefty. The Gleaming Frost Sapphire for example is now worth as much as five Peridots. So there’s definitely no point in farming those although it might seem like a good investment given their old RP values.

What do you think about account shared refining points. Would you utilize such a feature or are your alts all good anyway? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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One thought on “Refining Points Might Become Account Shared Eventually

  • October 4, 2017 at 11:24 am

    The relic RP got adjusted to 10% of the ‘other’ value after this was pointed out. It should go to 1250 RP for that stone after the preview patch.

    “They’ve been adjusted to be 1/10 of their non-Relic value on live.”

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