Stay Tuned, Neverwinter Uncensored Is Moving to a New Server! [COMPLETE]

*** UPDATE 2018/07/10 *** The blog is fully migrated and should be accessible again. Some aspects and functionalities could still not work properly. We’re still monitoring the log files to make sure everything is indeed OK.

*** UPDATE 2018/07/11 *** The blog seems to be running fine, but we need another day to get the message board fully functional again. If all goes well we should resume posting tomorrow.

*** UPDATE 2018/07/12 *** The migration is complete. Welcome back! We are still experiencing minor issues with some functions related to the forum and Toolbase and are working on updating the site asap. But the core functionalities are intact.

This might come as a surprise for some, but Neverwinter Uncensored will be moving to a new hoster over the course of this week. It’s actually also surprising for us, but the current situation kind of took matter out of our hands. Depending on when you usually visit us, you may or may not have noticed that the site has become “unstable” over the last couple days. We are unfortunately experiencing extended downtimes, slow response times, and server errors. It all started with regular evening (US) downtimes caused by an automated backup script. We contacted our hoster weeks ago and they said their technicians are working on it. Since then the situation hasn’t really changed however.

On the contrary, it has gotten worse. Our monitoring service has reported downtimes of 15 minutes up to 2 hours several times during the last few days. It has gotten extremely annoying and it’s safe to say that the site is no longer fully functional. Apparently the issue with the hoster’s backup script somehow even worsened and it’s now causing high load on the system throughout the whole day. The project had already outgrown the budget hosting we currently run, and hence we were planning to slowly migrate the site to a more powerful hosting service anyway, but the current situation made moving to a new hoster the main priority for now.

So What does it all mean? To not lose any data in the process of migrating to the new server, we have deactivated our message board and comments on the blog for now. We will also not publish any new blog articles until the move is completed. Additionally, during the next days, the site might temporarily not be accessible at all (including @nwo-uncensored mail addresses) or at least not through SSL. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this might cause and will update this article with any progress! You can also check our Twitter account or Discord!

Stay tuned!

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