Storm Kings Thunder Console Primer: Module 10 Gear Progression

Get hyped guys, because Storm Kings Thunder (SKT) is right around the corner on consoles! In the good tradition of our site, we want to make sure you are properly prepared for your travel to the north. So pack some warm socks and read our Primer!

We already briefed you on some minor fixes and changes that come with SKT and followed up on Saturday with the campaign and Fangbreaker Island. Today we are looking at the Module 10 gear progression. A full list of the probably patch notes is available here. Be aware that these are the PC notes, there might be changes for the console version.

Beware! Voninblod!

The major part of the new gear progression system is a new resource called Voninblod. It can be farmed from special Relic nodes throughout the three new maps. It’s similar to Black Ice node farming with the exception that Relics are a one-time interaction and don’t deplete after a certain time.

Voninblod is used to empower the new line of PVE gear that comes with Module 10. Each class gets two Frostborn sets that can be acquired in the Trade Bar store and several ZEN purchases. Similar to Dusk it is the a premium set that requires real-money currency, but is available right at the launch. The new Relic endgame BIS set comes from Fangbreaker Island. The one exception are the boots, which need to be farmed from Heroic Encounters in the Bryn Shander zone.

Restoration and Empowerment

Voninblod EmpowermentAll Module 10 gear sets come in three tiers. On first acquisition the gear is at tier 2, which is item level 135 for Frostborn and 145 for Relic. Spending Voninblod to empower the gear adds five item levels and a corresponding stat boost. The infusion is not permanent though. Similar to Overload Enchantments the gear is on a timer and drops back the next lower tier after two hours of combat time. The item level for the lowest tier, the unempowered state, is 130 for Frostborn and 140 for Relic.

Unfortunately Voninblod is not the only resource you need to get your Relic Armor set. Pieces come in unrestored form and have to undergo relic restoration to be usable. This restoration needs a significant amount of resources, most namely Lanolin, that drop from Heroic Encounters in all three zones. The good old HE train is back guys…

The initial high and continued effort to acquire the gear and keep it empowered makes this a controversial system. The new gear is only an upgrade to its predecessors when empowered, adding a daily Voninblod grind on top of the ones that already exists. We’ve covered the difficulties of the system in a separate post when Storm Kings Thunder was launched on PC. Voninblod is monetized in different ways. There’s a Master’s Trowel in the ZEN market that enhances the chance at more valuable relics. And Frostborn gear as well as a new Remorhaz companion add chances at an additional relic per node.

Everfrost Resistance

You can’t fully ignore the gear though, at least not if you plan to get into Fangbreaker Island. The new dungeon requires 28% of Everfrost Resistance, a new stat featured on both Frostborn and Relic gear. What most people on PC did was acquiring enough gear to beat the requirements, but switch to their old gear in the dungeon. Endgame groups do not require the resistance to beat the dungeon.

The fastest way to get to the 28% is by grinding for the Relic boots (8%), add Makos Ring (3%) from the campaign, an Everfrost Potion (5%), the second boon of the campaign (2%), two Everfrost Armor Kits (6%) and one piece of Frostborn gear (4%). Free-to-play players can replace the Frostborn gear with the new Everfrost Underwear. There’s also new buff food available in Strongholds that adds 2%. We’ve covered the acquisition of Everfrost Resistance in-depth in this posting.

PVP Gear

PVP is also getting a full new line of gear. The Warborn set at item level 140 is the first PVP set for real-money currency. Similar to Frostborn/Dusk it is available for Trade Bars and ZEN purchases. The stronger Prestige set at item level 145 is available for Glory and Seal of Triumph. With the Prestige set the price structure of the PVP equipment is majorly changed. The amount of Seals awarded for winning a daily domination is increased from 1 to 60. Additionally all attached costs of items are adjusted. We highly recommend to spend all your remaining Seals before the update!

That’s it for today! Next time we conclude our Primer with the class balance changes. In case you have any questions or remarks, make sure to post them in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!



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