Stronghold Dragonflight and Paladins, A Recipe For Disaster

In traditional DnD, there are a few things that come to mind. Among them would be princesses that need saving. Dragons, and their mighty hoards of loot! Paladins, and their ever vigilant righteousness that sometimes can go a little too far. Today might be another one of those times, where paladins just went too far.

Paladins have been a considerable nuisance since they were released. They have been Crashing Instances, Duping Items and other broken interactions. This ‘feature’ won’t top those, but a user who wishes to remain anonymous submitted this video to us. The user took 427,434,592 damage as shown, which means Binding Oath technically did 170,973,836 damage from one skill. So let us break down what was going on here.  Please note the dragon’s hit points near the end of the video.

First of all, the dragon was Ekdos the black dragon from Dragonflight. He is known for being an awe-inspiring and dangerous foe, and quite often can kill those who happen to stand in his abilities, much like the blue dragon. Furthermore he was empowered with roughly 82 stacks, which makes just about any damage taken lethal, as damage taken from the spit was 247k+ with the daily Divine Protector on. The featured Paladin decided to see exactly how much damage Binding Oath could do with his limited resources, and took all the possible damage he could. Which was 427 million, in this specific case.

In order to maximize and fully utilize the immunity of Binding Oath you have 2 options you can go with. The first is to take as much personal damage as you can, which was demonstrated in the video. This allows the paladin to do outstanding amounts of damage when taking the dragon breath. The second method is to use Divine Protector and have group members stand in as much possible damage, to transfer even more damage than what the paladin could soak up by himself. In either case, you want to take as much damage as possible while the Oath is on the paladin, which also means not stacking defense at all. In addition Ekdos shattered the paladin’s armor here, rendering the damage taken much greater than it normally would be.

The second step is to increase the damage output of the paladin in any way. In this particular video, there was 3 Stacks of Bane, A Terror stack, A mark from Daring Shout, 5x Plague Fire, 3 of which were Greater, the other 2 being Normal Plague Fire. There are some other options and buffs to consider. Wheel of Elements‘ fire buff is another 30%, and could be quite nice. Into the fray would be a HUGE DPS boost to the numbers as well. There could also be another 35% boost from ‘Tab’ on a justice built paladin. It is also worthy to note that the paladin had potions and scrolls for the dragon, which can help or hurt, depending.

All in all it may very well be possible to outright slay Ekdos, assuming he has empowered stacks, which seems to be the key factor here. Obviously the paladin won’t survive this damage, but chances are good Ekdos won’t either. This is some great damage and theorycrafting. It is unsure if this could work the same way with the blue dragon.

A few more notes, a Ring of the Fortress may be able to be used to keep the paladin alive, but timing would have to be perfect.  In addition, the paladin who submitted the video has commented that this seems to be the easiest to do on black Ekdos, but this is possible on any empowered dragon, the damage values may vary however.

All in all ‘We need to find a way to stop the drow!’

Mayor Gunderson

Mayor Gunderson is an NPC who can be found in Rothé Valley. He is the mayor of Rothé Valley Village. When he was younger, he had been an adventurer. He has a niece called Cella Gunderson who is currently staying with him (and acts as a vendor for consumables and enchantments). The rest of his family died in a recent drow invasion. Mayor Gunderson is known for his in-game line. 'We need to find a way to stop the Drow!'

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  • March 7, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    it will not all ways kill you the binding oaths can be you to live and 1 shot it and 5 armorer beakers don’t hurt ether


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