Swords of Chult Console Release Comes “Early Next Year”

After a PC release the console crowd naturally starts wondering when they will get the latest update on their platforms. So the speculation about Sword of Chult’s release date are already in full motion. Normally you can pretty accurately derive a date from looking at the usual time span between PC and console releases. This time however you might not even have to figure it out all by yourself!

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“Early Next Year”

In the latest PC dev blog about updates to the random queues, Douglas “Asterdahl” Miller hinted that a console release can be expected for “early next year”. Here’s the full quote:

[su_quote cite=”Asterdahl” url=”www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/10717384″]Both of these changes are going out this week on PC and will, of course, accompany the launch of random queues in Swords of Chult when it comes to console early next year. With these adjustments every level 70 character should be able to complete both the Random Skirmish and Random Dungeon queue with ease and earn as many rough astral diamonds and dungeoneering shards as they’re used to.[/su_quote]

While that’s a lot later than the last releases (Cloaked Ascendancy, Shroud of Souls and Tomb of Annihilation on consoles came exactly seven weeks after their PC releases), it makes sense. The usual time span would put Swords of Chult in the midst of the Winter Festival, which is not the smartest way to stretch out content. There has never been a major release on top of Christmas for good reason. First of all, players normally have other stuff to do during the holidays than being online. And even if, there’s already more than enough to do at the Winter Festival event.

January 9th, 2018?

Connecting all the dots leads to January 9th as potential release date. Double experience events preceding updates have somewhat been reliable in guessing dates, and there’s one running on the previous weekend. January 2nd might also be a possibility, but that’s probably still a bit too close to the holidays. This also means by the way that consoles still get two 2x RP events under the old refining system on Nov 22nd and Dec 28th. So get your feeders ready before they are no longer of use!

Do you agree with our reasoning or do you think Mod 12b will get released on consoles earlier? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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