Talk PVP on the Neverwinter Domination Discord Server

Did our preview of the PVP changes in Neverwinter’s Swords of Chult earlier today draw some interest in the game mode? Then we have good news for you! A couple of passionate Neverwinter veterans have created a Discord server dedicated to PVP. To quote from the sever description:

[su_quote]This server exists primarily to discuss and promote Neverwinter PvP content. We welcome you to ask questions and to use our discord channels to coordinate your private matches. Many of the PvP regulars are here, and we have a substantial amount of knowledge and experience to share.[/su_quote]

If you need a place to start your journey, you might not have to look much further! The server currently only works as hub for everyone interested in PVP, but the guys plan to establish events in the future as well. This is not exclusively “Swords of Chult” related by the way. Everyone from consoles is invited to join as well.

The server succeeds another one called “PMvsPM” that got shut down a couple weeks ago. We surely hope the Domination Discord will last a little longer, especially since the initial to talk about PVP seems to be there. PMvsPM quickly grew to become one of the bigger servers the game had. Anyway, that one is gone, the new one is here. So if you like PVP, join, talk, and have fun!

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