Dev Shares That You Can Expect the Makos Story to Continue at Some Point

In a random conversation and fan engagement on Twitter over the weekend, Cryptic Senior Game Designer Randy Mosiondz shared an interesting tidbit about the upcoming story of the game. Hint: A certain Tiefling Warlock could be involved! We do believe that this is likely talk of Module 16 and beyond, but it’s still nice to hear that the saga of Makos is likely to continue.

Makos is an important character of the Neverwinter story. He already appeared in the original “Siege of Neverwinter” trailer that shows #teamneverwinter fighting Valindra and her Dracolich. Makos would later defeat the undead dragon, bind the soul and prevent its return. Players can watch him doing that on the Neverwinter Fields in the tutorial.

Makos Is an Important Character of the Story

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For the longest time Makos had been the chief wizard and adviser of Lord Neverember. He helped fight the Thayans in Dread Ring (Mod 2) and was also instrumental in stopping the plans of Baphomet in the Underdark story (Mod 9) before famously dying during Storm Kings Thunder (Mod 10) in a heroic attempt to shield the adventurers from Drufi’s forces. Lord Neverember tried to resurrect him, but it failed because he had already decided to become a lich to avoid death. Though his new form required him to consume souls to sustain himself, he believed that it was worth it for the greater good. Kavatos Stormeye replaced him at the side of Lord Neverember in Module 11.

The players wouldn’t have to wait for too long to see the tiefling again though. In the Chult story he popped out of nowhere, alive. He seemed to be helping adventurers solving the death curse, but had become a more twisted character with its own agenda. Him working together with Acererak and his willingness to trade one life for another also led to Celeste completely turning away from him.

More to Come in Mod 16 and Beyond?

Based on the tweet it now seems like the story of Makos will be continued at some point. What happened after the Soulmonger got destroyed, a source for him and other liches to feed on? Will he and Celeste ever reconcile and ride off into the sunset together? That’s only some of the questions that need answers!

What’s your take on the Makos story? Do you like the fact that he’s getting more attention in the future. Or would you rather focus on other characters? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board! Some information used was pulled from this article on the Forgotten Realms Wiki.

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