The Joke’s on Cryptic in MOP’s Latest Anthropomorphic Conversations

Every once in a while, well known MMO news outlet Massively Overpowered is having fun doing monologues with anthropomorphized concepts of MMO studios. It’s a quick and funny conversation that represents a studio’s main characteristics from the authors point of view, basically. While Cryptic wasn’t featured in the first edition in 2017, this year’s more than makes up for it. Cryptic does not only get its own section, but also interrupts conversations with other studios quite frequently. The studio really seems to be a pain in the neck!

And you might guess what the concept is that the article makes fun of: Lockboxes, of course. Cryptic tries to sell them everywhere! Don’t forget though, it’s all good sport. And you can’t really deny that there’s some truth to it.

[su_quote]Me: Well, all right, that part was less awesome, but you ended on a high note.
Epic Games: So could we hang out in –
Cryptic: LOCKBOX’D!
Me: Ow! Did you just throw a locked box at me while I was doing something else?
Cryptic: Five dollars![/su_quote]

If you liked this little snippet, go read the full article on MOP!

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One thought on “The Joke’s on Cryptic in MOP’s Latest Anthropomorphic Conversations

  • March 31, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    Sounds about right, though the dollar amount is off

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