The Lowbie Diaries Vol. 24: In The Army Now

Welcome to a new project, experiment, challenge or whatever you wanna call it. Normally experiencing the content with well-geared toons, I figured it would be quite interesting to approach the game from the perspective of a casual player. How does it feel starting from scratch and build up a character without the help of your mains? How long does it take until you are geared enough for the latest endgame content? Welcome to the Lowbie Diaries, it should be fun!

At the end of one of my sessions a guild recruited in Spinward Rise and I made the spontaneous decision to join. As frequent reader you might know that I was not sure a guild would be fitting for a probably time-limited project, but joining one was the next logical step in the progression. I was prepared for some sort of application process, but apparently 2,912 item level was enough to skip all that and I was invited to the main guild.

The immediate benefits in a guild like this, that just recently started building up, are slim and the Stronghold dailies even add to the stuff to do. Players with limited time at their hands surely feel it. On the other hand little commitment is what fits the account the best. The guild runs dragons on the weekends and encourages teamplay between its members. It might not be as important on my item level, but people at 2.5k and below have the best shot at decent dungeon runs, Demogorgon, Tiamat, Castle Never, within a well populated guild. Inside guild chat, item level normally does not matter. For the same reason I can only encourage people to join the Legit Community. Despite some other reports I personally never “failed” with a group from legit. All runs are smooth even with very mixed experience and gear levels.

The one benefit you get even in a relatively young guild is access to Tenacity. It can’t be understated how convenient it is to not being forced to PVP to actually get PVP gear. Especially with the current broken state of the game type. I don’t actually plan to PVP, but for those that do, it’s the best option to get you started. Unfortunately PVP currently is not even a good way to make ADs, because it’s always more efficient to run two leveling dungeons on a random ALT than PVP matches on a main.

The other noteworthy change is that my gold problems vanished. Crafting different dungeon keys every day, I constantly needed to monitor gold and actually started doing Elemental Evil hourly quests to avoid running out of the currency (and because they land substantial XPs towards overflow rewards and additional power points). It’s probably a combination of Stronghold quests, that grant a good amount of gold, and the fact that I recently switched to doing Leadership in all slots. Anyway, it looks like I’m over the hump there as well.

See you the next time!

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.