This Year’s Winter Catch-Up Package Includes the Vistani Wanderer Companion

Neverwinter is still riding the sun during Summer Festival activities, but it’s never to early to look ahead and see what the upcoming, more chilling days, will have to offer. Since a couple years Neverwinter has used the another big seasonal event, the Winter Festival, to introduce so-called “catch-up” packs. Last year for example the “Simril Care Package” contained Pilgrim Gear and Weapons, and the Chultan Hunter companion.

Vistani Wanderer, Bondings, and Gear

A picture that we found in the game files now suggests that the corresponding pack of this year contains some sort gear crate again, three Bonding Runestones (probably Rank 7 or 8), and the Vistani Wanderer. Do not confuse this with the winter charge rewards that we’ve already previewed here. The catch-up pack will be available on the ZEN Market ingame for [sc name=”zenicon”]5,000 while the charge rewards require you to buy ZEN through the ARC website or other stores. We’re by the way not quite sure what type of item the Tiefling Archer dude represents. It could be gear, or a Fashion set, or even an additional companion.

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