Today’s Patch NW.85.20170711B.10 Brings Fixes to Hunts, Campaign

Thursday is maintenance time on PC! Today’s patch will deal with some of the issues we’ve discussed lately. So let’s quickly go over the most important changes.


First of all there are a lot of quality of life improvements to both the campaign and Hunting. A new T-Rex path was added and now all players that damage rare spawns have a chance of earning a Trophy when it is killed. With these changes also the weekly quest’s (“Merchant Princes’ Bounty”) hunt objective gets easier to resolve as you only have to contribute to killing a rare spawn and not need to deal the most damage as well.

Additionally the amount of loot from Star Hunts has been increased. Slightly for 1-Stars, more significantly for 2-Stars and the King of Spines, which for example will no longer drop Rings lower than +4. Last but not least the patch notes state an “attempt” to fix Split-Ti. Player will find out soon enough whether it worked or not.


The Chultan Hunter companion no longer allows players to gain bonus currency beyond timed caps. Sorry guys, it was fun while it lasted. The companion should still be convenient to have, just not enable players to prematurely complete the campaign. The Hunter’s bonus currency now entirely falls under the cap and will stop giving extra Totems once the weekly limit has been reached.

Another bug that enabled players to gain more campaign progression as intended was dealt with as well. Following our site you might know that there’s a “Patron” system in the works. It’s an extension to the ZEN campaign unlock tokens and doubles all currencies from campaigns. Since the Tomb of Annihilation update parts of the system made it to live and unintentionally granted players double Bryn Shander Reputation without the need to buy any Patron Markers, which have not even been added to the ZEN store yet.

Trickster Rogues have to be strong today as well. The Shadow of Demise double dip was fixed, it no longer benefits twice from buffs or debuffs.

There a a few more minor fixes coming in today’s built. So make sure to read through the patch notes and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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